Ted Cruz: May Be Necessary to Go Nuclear on ‘Whacked-Out’ Democrats [VIDEO]

Ted Cruz appearing on Fox & Friends, Nov. 17, 2016. Image Credit: FOX News via screenshot

Texas Senator Ted Cruz , appearing on Fox & Friends Thursday morning to discuss his meeting with President-elect Donald Trump and his transition team, said that he had a “very good and productive” meeting and if Democrats think that they are going to block the repeal of Obamacare or the nomination of constitutionalist Supreme Court justices that they are delusional.

Cruz told the FOX that “whacked out” Democrats are getting “nuttier and nuttier” after the election and didn’t rule out using what is referred to as the “nuclear option” when asked about it by co-host Brian Kilmeade if he would push for the Senate to suspend the filibuster rule. Cruz said that much of the conversation he had with the Trump team centered around that topic.

“Listen, I think we need to do whatever is necessary to get the job done and that was a lot of the topic of the discussion when I was in Trump tower,” Cruz revealed. “If Republicans go to Washington and we don’t deliver what we promise I think we’ll be looking at pitchforks and torches in the street and quite rightly,” Cruz predicted.

The last time Republicans had control of the both houses of Congress as well as the presidency was under the George W. Bush administration in 2005-06. Voters upset that the GOP governed like liberal Democrats, failing to stop the growth of government, put real liberals in charge and Democrats took over both houses in 2007, following the 2006 election.

Cruz also blasted the hypocrisy of the same people in the Democrat Party who were beside themselves over the prospect of Donald Trump’s followers not accepting the outcome of the election if he lost have now taken to the streets to protest the outcome of the election.

“Right now Democrats seem to be in this bizarre spiral of getting nuttier and nuttier. I think the lesson they took from this election is they weren’t liberal and extreme enough and they’ve got to get even more whacked-out and disconnected from the American people.” 

Ted Cruz, who came in second place behind Donald Trump in a vicious GOP primary, said that he hoped that “saner heads” would prevail in the Democrat Party but regardless, Republicans “need to demonstrate resolve” and “seriousness to deliver” on campaign promises.

The “nuclear option” refers to the majority party in the U.S. Senate changing Senate rules to allow bills and appointments with a simple majority — 51 votes — rather than the 60 votes required to avoid the filibuster. Republicans currently have 51 or 52 senators following last week’s election, depending on a runoff election’s outcome in Louisiana.

“I can tell you this,” Cruz continued. “We are going to, I believe, repeal Obamacare and we are going to confirm strong conservative Supreme Court justices to protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights and if Democrats think they can stand in the way of that I think they’re sorely mistaken,” he declared.


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Matthew K. Burke
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