Ted Cruz Accuses NBC of Orchestrating an October Surprise

In the aftermath of the release of a 2005 video showing Republican nominee Donald Trump bragging about making unwanted sexual advances to women and getting away with it because of his celebrity status, Ted Cruz , who received the second most votes and delegates during the GOP primary, is accusing NBC of media bias for knowingly sitting on the tape when they could have released it during the primary, instead of dropping it with slightly over a month before the November election.

“NBC had tape 11 years. ‘Apprentice’ producer says they have more and worse,” Ted Cruz tweeted on Sunday. “So why not release in 2015? In March? Why wait until October?” he asked, ending with the hashtag “#MSMBias,” a shot at the mainstream media’s obvious longterm favoritism towards liberal Democrats, a phenomenon which led the late, great Andrew Breitbart to coin the term, “Democrat Media Complex.”

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Ted Cruz asks a valid question. Is NBC guilty of an “October Surprise,” in order to help Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton?

Or is NBC guilty of propping up the bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor during the GOP primary, as they and many news outlets did with billions in free campaign exposure and softball interviews, to ward off more electable and much less flawed candidates like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, who many believe would be crushing the dishonest, corrupt, highly disliked, and scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton?

Of course, the damning the detestable Trump Tapes, which show Donald Trump explaining how he could go up to any woman he desired and uninvitedly “grab them by the pussy” because of his power, fame and fortune, would have been the last straw for him during the GOP primary, if the tape had been released, say, in March or any other time before Trump locked up the nomination.

And as a reminder, who of the 17 Republican candidates running for president had even higher unfavorable ratings than Hillary Clinton? Oh, yeah, that’s right: Donald J. Trump. The media knew they had to put someone up against Hillary who would have the toughest time defeating her.

  • Hillary Clinton is a liar? So is Donald Trump. 
  • Hillary Clinton is corrupt? So is Donald Trump. 
  • Hillary Clinton is greedy? So is Donald Trump. 
  • Hillary Clinton will do or say anything to get elected and has no principles whatsoever? Ditto for Donald Trump. 
  • Hillary Clinton’s husband is a serial woman abuser? So is Donald Trump — according to his own words. 

You get the picture.

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The outcome at the GOP convention in July would have been much different as evidenced by the dozens of high-profile Republicans, from strong principled conservatives like Senator Mike Lee to establishment moderates like John McCain, have either unendorsed Trump or in the case of Lee, called for Trump to drop out now.

This fact is simply undeniable. There is no doubt that we would be looking at Ted Cruz as the nominee and the squeaky clean constitutional conservative would be crushing Hillary Clinton, both on the debate stage and in the court of public opinion.

Donald Trump was the only Republican running who literally cancels out every one of Hillary Clinton’s negatives while exemplifying every negative caricature that Democrats have tried to hang on Republicans for decades. Is that why Bill Clinton spoke with Trump a few months before he launched his campaign to encourage him to take a greater role in the Republican party?

Donald Trump was likely the only unelectable “Republican” candidate who cannot defeat her and NBC, as well as every other member of the Democrat Media Complex obviously knew it and they acted accordingly.

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Many conservatives who supported Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, or even Jeb Bush warned that precisely what is going on with Trump and the media would be happening in the general election.  All I can say to Trump supporters and sycophants like Sean Hannity is, “You were warned.” We told you so. You wouldn’t listen because of your love affair or cult of personality or whatever the hell it was.

And also, as Sean Hannity might say, “Own it.” Own Hillary Clinton,

Own Hillary Clinton, own her Supreme Court, own the taxes, the regulations, the infringements on the Bill of Rights, own all of it. Those in the Never Trump camp were right and we will not forget the people like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Breitbart (Trumpbart) News, Rush Limbaugh (the “defender” of Conservativism who allowed the movement to be hijacked by a New York liberal con man — his golfing buddy), Drudge, which has shamefully devolved into a Trump propaganda site that would make Pravda blush, and the rest of the media who fought against a conservative who could have easily defeated her.



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