Ted Cruz: Obama, Democrats Shouldn’t ‘Lionize’ ‘Murderous Tyrant and Thug’ Fidel Castro [VIDEO]

Cuban dictator Fidel Castro died on Friday night and Obama, Democrats and leftist world leaders like Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau immediately began blowing kisses at the communist snake on his way to hell.

On Sunday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz , whose father, Rafael Cruz, escaped Castro’s oppressive regime to seek freedom in America, said that Obama and the Democrats shouldn’t pay tribute to the tyrannical dictator Fidel Castro by either attending his funeral or sending representatives.

“I very much hope that we don’t see any U.S. government officials going to Fidel Castro’s funeral,” Ted Cruz said on ABC’s This Week.

“I hope we don’t see Barack Obama and Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton and Democrats lining up to lionize a murderous tyrant and thug. If you wouldn’t go to Pol Pot’s funeral or Stalin’s funeral or Mao’s funeral because they were murdering communist dictators, then you shouldn’t be doing what Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau are doing, which is celebrating Fidel Castro — a murderous communist dictator.” 

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Cruz might be expecting too much from Obama and his progressive leftist ilk, who are closet communists and see despots like Castro as idols. When the late, great conservative British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher passed away in 2013, Obama gave our ally Great Britain the middle finger by refusing to send even one senior member of his administration to pay respects.

Yet when Venezuela’s socialist madman Hugo Chavez died the same year, Obama shamefully sent an official delegation to attend his funeral.

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So if given the opportunity to attend Stalin’s or Mao’s funerals, Obama just might have attended.


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