Ted Cruz Just All But Accused the Obama Regime of Treason

Following the testimony of top Obama officials who only agreed to do so after being threatened with a subpoena by Congress, Texas senator and former presidential candidate Ted Cruz said that the Obama Regime was guilty of assisting the Iranian mullahs in a money laundering scheme, delivering $1.7 billion in CASH because the country could then freely use the money to conduct terrorist operations against the United States, Israel, and its allies.

Testimony, which revealed that the Iranians insisted on cash payments and that Obama’s team of negotiators complied, with no way to guarantee the money would not be used for terror, led Ted Cruz to all but accuse the Obama Regime of treason.

Cruz, an outspoken opponent of the Obama-Kerry Iran nuclear deal, called the currency paid to Iran a “money laundering operation” in an interview on Thursday with the Washington Free Beacon.

“This testimony only confirms what reasonable people had already concluded about the Obama administration’s cash transaction with the Islamic Republic of Iran: This was a ransom paid to a rogue regime determined to spend it on terrorist attacks on America and our allies.

The mullahs wanted cash so it would be immediately accessible and untraceable, and the administration agreed because they didn’t want there to be proof the Iranians were using it for terrorism. It was, essentially, a money laundering operation.”

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“Iran had to have it in cash,” Paul Ahern, assistant general counsel for enforcement and intelligence at the Treasury Department, told lawmakers, according to the Free Beacon. “Iran was very aware of the difficulties it would face in accessing and using the funds if they were in any other form than cash, even after the lifting of sanctions.”

A cash delivery “was the most reliable way that they received the funds in a timely manner and it was the manner preferred by the relative foreign banks,” Ahren said.

Treason is not a term that should be used flippantly, however, if the definition is (and it is) the crime of betraying one’s country and aiding and abetting her enemies, then there is no doubt that giving the world’s leading sponsor of Islamic terrorism over a billion dollars in cold hard cash certainly qualifies.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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