Don Whines, Cruz Wins: Cruz Outworks Trump in Another State; Sweeps ALL Delegates

Ted Cruz Winning Donald Trump Whining

While bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump continues to whine about the delegate system that has ironically benefited him the most — more than any other candidate — Ted Cruz was busy attending and working the Wyoming GOP convention on Saturday, winning all 14 remaining delegates available in The Cowboy State.

The victory comes on top of another major win for Cruz, who mopped the floor with Trump at the Colorado conventions garnering all 34 delegates available — a Cruz victory that led to major temper tantrums by Trump, who now claims that the system is somehow corrupted because he is losing. (Keep in mind that the system used in Colorado is the same system used in Hawaii, but Trump did not complain about the outcome in The Aloha State because he won in that state.)

Note that Trump himself admitted that his whining is “rigged,” telling the New York Times in a recent interview: “Don’t forget, I only complain about the ones where we have difficulty.”

“We had a tremendous show of grassroots support that resulted in a critical victory at today’s Wyoming Republican Convention. The victory continues a momentum shift that started in Utah and carried through Wisconsin, North Dakota and Colorado. Grassroots are rising up,” Ted Cruz said in a statement after his victory was announced.

The Texas senator, a constitutional conservative, now holds a commanding total of 23 of Wyoming’s 26 delegates after the state’s county conventions in March. Cruz has quietly been winning the delegate battle and campaign while Trump seems more comfortable whining and hate-tweeting in hopes that his cult of personality will take him over the finish line.

Trump: I Only Complain About ‘Rigged’ System in States Where I Have Difficulty

Since the Trump win in Arizona on March 22, Cruz has picked up 134 delegates to Trump’s 6, closing Trump’s lead to less than 200 delegates, 755 to 559, according to Real Clear Politics.

Donald Trump didn’t complain in Florida, where he got 100 percent of the delegates in the Florida primary while only receiving less than a majority, 45.7  percent, of the vote.

On Friday, talk show great Rush Limbaugh, who has bent over backwards to avoid criticizing Trump, admitted that Trump’s whining over Colorado was a charade and a con job to garner more anger from voters and to try to portray himself as a victim.

Limbaugh was responding to a Wall Street Journal op-ed by Trump (read it — there is no way Trump wrote it — it sounds nothing like him), that claimed Republican Party delegates in Colorado were somehow against him.

Limbaugh blew the lid off Trump’s deception and exploitation from his Colorado loss:

“It is apparent to me now that the Trump campaign was fully aware that they were gonna lose Colorado this way and had found and discovered a way to turn that to their advantage by claiming that Colorado had cheated, by claiming that Colorado was disenfranchising people, by claiming that Colorado was gonna have a vote and then changed their mind.  But their never was a plan to vote.  So I’ve answered my question.  Trump waited ’til after Colorado to exploit the fact that there was not an election there, and it helped his point if he lost.”

On Saturday, Trump explained his reasoning for not showing up in Wyoming, stating, “I’m not wasting my money,” which means one of two things — either he knew he was going to lose there or his commitment of “self-funding” his presidential campaign is beginning to show signs of weakening.

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Trump should be comforted in knowing that he’s coming up on more friendly territory, his home state of New York, where his liberal “New York values” should result in a major victory for the New York real estate tycoon.



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