As Trump Tweets Insanity; Ted Cruz Just Won Delegates

As bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump, the current GOP frontrunner, continues his meltdown via Twitter and interviews when pressed to give specific answers as he whines about not being treated fairly, constitutional conservative Ted Cruz is quietly campaigning — showing his strategic and organizational superiority — to pick up delegates in order to close the gap between the two delegate leaders.

After picking up the first six national delegates in Colorado — to Trump’s zero — Ted Cruz secured another victory over Trump in the state of North Dakota at the GOP convention on Sunday.

At the convention where the states 25 delegates were elected, the constitutionalist took 18 of those slots with pro-Cruz delegates.

Ted Cruz thank North Dakota Republicans, vowing to defeat Donald Trump either before the convention or at it:

“I’m thrilled to have the vote of confidence of Republican voters in North Dakota who delivered such a resounding victory today. As I met them over the weekend, North Dakota Republicans recognized that I am the only candidate who can move this country forward by protecting freedom and liberty. Whether we defeat Donald Trump before the convention or at it, I’m energized to have the support of the vast majority of North Dakota delegates.”

With the Wisconsin primary coming up on Tuesday, a state where Trump has given up a 10-point lead to a 10-point deficit in just the past month — according to polls — Donald Trump has had without question the worst week of his unpresidential campaign, from his campaign manager getting arrested for roughing up a reporter and Trump lying about the reporter making it up, to his taking multiple positions on abortion — managing to outrage both pro-life and anti-life forces — to his ongoing Twitter rants against FOX News host Megyn Kelly — a creepy and unnatural obsession — it could be that we learn on Tuesday whether the so-called “Trump Train” has finally been derailed by self-inflicted destruction driven by a lack of impulse control and a megalomaniacal personality disorder that would make Barack Obama envious.

As Cruz continues to display his intellectual and political superiority over Trump, longtime Trump henchman Roger Stone, a Nixonian, is planning “protests” — or, as Trump predicted, “riots” — at the GOP convention.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
A former Washington State U.S. Congressional candidate in 2010, Matthew attended the nation’s first modern day Tea Party in 2009 in Seattle, Washington. He also began writing and blogging that year. Matthew became a Certified Financial Planner in 1995 and was a Financial Advisor for 24 years in his previous life. Matthew was one of the three main writers leading a conservative news site to be one of the top 15 conservative news sites in the U.S. in a matter of months. He brings to PolitiStick a vast amount of knowledge about economics as well as a passion and commitment to the vision that our Founding Fathers had for our Republic.

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