Ted Cruz Responds to Donald Trump’s Attack on Trump U Judge’s Ethnicity

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has not said much about Donald Trump since he exited the race following the Indiana Primary. Cruz filed his papers to run for re-election to his Senate seat and has, as of this moment, not endorsed Trump. That’s not surprising considering the scorched earth, lie-filled, smear campaign that Trump ran against Cruz, calling him “Lyin’ Ted” with no evidence of lying and going so low as to attack the looks of Ted’s wife, Heidi, and accuse his father, Rafael, of being complicit in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

When confronted by a cameraman from NBC News, however, Cruz did give a statement on Trump’s vicious and, many say, racist attack on the ethnicity of U.S. District Judge Gonzolo Curiel, who is the judge presiding over the lawsuit by 5,000 people against Trump University.

Vaughan Hillyard of NBC News tweeted the statement given by Cruz regarding Trump’s attacks on Judge Curiel’s ethnicity.

“It’s inappropriate to be attacking a federal judge’s race or ethnicity. You’re going to have to ask Donald to explain the reason he says the things he does. I’m not going to try to do so.”

Trump and his surrogates have been arguing in the media that Judge Curiel cannot be fair in the case against Trump because he is of Mexican heritage. Though he was born in Indiana to parents who immigrated from Mexico, Trump has at times referred to Curiel as a Mexican. Trump claims that Curiel has a vendetta against him because “he [Trump] wants to build a wall.

Incidentally, Curiel had to go into hiding for one year after the Mexican drug cartel issued threats to his life.

This is not the first time Trump has made comments meant to be disparaging towards someone of Hispanic heritage. In March, Trump randomly asked a question about Cruz’s name in the middle of his town hall on CNN. Politistick reported on this exchange and the racist dog whistle that was blown by Trump who has a large white nationalist/supremacist following.

ANDERSON COOPER: “You just welcomed a new grandson. His name is Theodore. Any chance you’re going to call him Cryin’ Ted.”

This was in relation to Trump constantly calling Cruz “Lyin’ Ted” a complete projection since Donald Trump is the biggest liar on the GOP campaign trail.

DONALD TRUMP: “No, I don’t think so. I said. I said. Well, actually, isn’t Ted’s real name Rafael?”

Notice the emphasis he put on the word ‘Rafael’ as he leaned forward towards Cooper, who sat speechless for a moment. And for the record, Donald, Ted is part of his ‘real name’. Edward is his middle name and Ted is a name that many people named Edward use.

TRUMP (turning to the audience): “I think so, right? Because that was one of the questions that I did have to ask.”

COOPER: “It is.”

TRUMP: “It doesn’t matter.”

Although Trump has received criticism even from some top Republican supporters like Newt Gingrich and Ben Carson for his attack on the judge’s ethnicity, reports are that Trump has told his surrogates to not let up on their attack but rather to keep at it.

Let’s see if he goes after Ted Cruz for daring to make a statement criticizing him.

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Jennifer Burke
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