Ted Cruz Slams ‘Extreme’ and ‘Radical’ Elizabeth Warren for Support of Planned Butcherhood; Shows How It’s Done

Not only was Texas Senator Ted Cruz a former national debate champion when he attended Princeton, he was also Solicitor General of Texas prior to winning his Senate race in which he was considered the underdog to then Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst. As Solicitor General, he argued before the Supreme Court on numerous occasions and won, including an important Second Amendment case as well as a landmark decision on religious liberty. The man is virtually unflappable when asked even the most difficult or unexpected questions. Even better, he does what few Republicans dare to do – turns the language of the Left around on them to expose their radical nature.

During a Tuesday appearance on Fox News’ The Kelly File, host Megyn Kelly opened her interview with Cruz by playing his closing remarks from his appearance at the Voter’s First Forum that was held in New Hampshire on Monday. Cruz called out Republican leadership for failing to follow their commitments. He also said that he has worked to do two things during his time in the Senate. The first is to tell the truth, and the second is to do what he said he would do in order to stand against the Washington Cartel.

If you thought that was powerful, the interview itself demonstrates just how strong in character, sharp in debate, and unafraid to go after the far-radical left Ted Cruz is.

A lot was covered in the short five and a half minute video, with topics ranging from Cruz discussing the losing track record of Republicans when they follow the advice of some to gravitate to the mushy middle to Kelly trying to trip Cruz up regarding Donald Trump by asking if the two GOP presidential candidates made some kind of agreement to not attack one another. Kelly even asked Cruz if he had such glowing things to say about Trump, then why didn’t he drop out of the race and let Trump run.

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Cruz, displaying his smooth, calm, cool, and collected demeanor, shifted the focus back to himself and his accomplishment including the fight against illegal immigration that he has been vocal and active on for over a decade.

But, perhaps the highlight of the interview was when the conversation turned to the heinous Planned Parenthood videos and the attack against Republicans by Democrat Senator Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren on the Senate floor when she asked if Republicans had fallen down and hit their head leading them to believe it is 1950. She leveled the attack as she ignored the felony acts of Planned Parenthood in their baby organ harvesting business to instead accuse Republicans of trying to take away a “woman’s right to health care.”

Not skipping a beat when responding to Warren’s antics, Cruz attacked the left using the Democrats’ very own language.

“Well, you know, Megyn, that video illustrates just how radical and extreme today’s modern Democratic party is, whether it’s Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton, every one of them embraces radical, unlimited abortion on demand in every instance. Partial birth abortion, no parental notification, taxpayer funding, and I’ve gotta say in the wake of these Planned Parenthood videos, yet another one came out just in the past few hours, they’re horrifying. They show Planned Parenthood officials laughing, sipping chardonnay, and with no compassion, no heart, bartering and selling the body parts of unborn children.”

Cruz then called these actions of Planned Parenthood out for what they truly are – criminal federal activities.

“These are felonies. These are felonies that carry with them long criminal sentences. If we had fair and impartial law enforcement at the Department of Justice we should open an investigation and prosecute these Planned Parenthood officials. We should prosecute Planned Parenthood. And it really is striking that the Democrats are willing to embrace your and my taxpayer funds going to fund this organization, an ongoing criminal enterprise.”

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That is how you fight in the culture war in which the very soul of our nation is at stake.

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