Ted Cruz Spotted at Trump Tower

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz was seen by pool reporters heading into Trump Tower on Tuesday and rumors are swirling as to the reason.

A statement from Cruz’s spokesperson Catherine Frazier, obtained by NBC News campaign reporter Vaughn Hillyard, states that Cruz was meeting with the President-elect to assist in the campaign promise to “drain the swamp,” as well as discuss the repeal of Obamacare, appointing constitutionalist judges to the Supreme Court, securing the border and enforcing immigration laws, and creating an environment that fosters economic growth.

Many believe Cruz, a principled constitutional conservative who came in second place behind President-elect Trump in the GOP presidential primary, is being considered for either a cabinet post or a Supreme Court nomination. However, NBC News politics reporter Alexandra Jaffe reported that Cruz is actually not under consideration for a position but simply stopped by to “offer aid.”

Many Americans would love to see Ted Cruz on the Supreme Court. His constitutional brilliance and background make him well-qualified to serve on the nation’s highest court. However, constitutional fighters like Cruz are extremely rare and losing his principled tenacity in the U.S. Senate would waste his top-notch political skills.

Beware of RINOs (as Lindsey Graham just did) pushing for Trump to nominate Ted Cruz to SCOTUS. The establishment would love to see him out of the Senate because he won’t roll over or play ball with them.

UPDATE:  Bloomberg national political reporter Jennifer Jacobs reported on Tuesday evening that “Trump is discussing TED CRUZ for AG.” However, Donald Trump himself tweeted that only he knows who his finalists are for the attorney general position or any other administration position.

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Matthew K. Burke
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