Ted Cruz WOWS CNBC Panel With 46 Minutes of Economic Brilliance, Clarity, and Specificity

Ted Cruz

The three panelists on CNBC’s Squawk Box had to be impressed with the deep economic knowledge of Ted Cruz , who spent 46 minutes getting very specific and detailed about his economic plans to restore American prosperity and freedom if elected president.

In perhaps the most in-depth economic discussion of the entire presidential campaign, Cruz not only showed his mastery of free-market economics, but also an incredible knowledge of the economic history of America, rattling off facts and figures from several decades to explain what policies work and which ones have turned out to be disastrous, while announcing that economic growth would be his number one priority as president because that one result solves so many of the nation’s problems simultaneously.

During one segment, Cruz explained that the Federal Reserve, because of excessive money printing and artificially low interest rates, have effectively “juiced the system” and helped those with financial assets get much richer, while others have seen stagnation. Cruz said that the Fed’s backwards policies are creating another boom-bust cycle.

CNBC reported Ted Cruz’s Federal Reserve comments:

The Federal Reserve’s excessively easy monetary policies are “playing games with money” and are an ineffective way to “juice the system,” GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz told CNBC on Friday. Such actions “create bubbles,” he said.

“The Fed has, for those with assets, driven up stock prices,” he said in a wide-ranging “Squawk Box” interview four days before the New York primary, which has 95 delegates at stake.

“But that’s not built on anything real. It’s not built on an increase in the intrinsic value of those assets,” he said. “That’s just playing games with money, which means a crash will be coming.”

Cruz said Fed policy should not target a strong or a weak dollar. He said the U.S. needs monetary policy stability to end the dollar “roller coaster.”

“I think we’re far better having a rules-based monetary policy, ideally with some tie to gold, so that you have a stable dollar,” he said. “So you know when you’re investing a dollar today, you know that the dollar is going to keep a consistent worth.”

Ted Cruz was an original co-sponsor of Rand Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill, however the bill has yet to pass.

Cruz also detailed his 10% flat tax program and famous Reagan economist Art Laffer made an appearance (at about the 34:00 minute mark) offering lavish praise for the proposal.


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Matthew K. Burke
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