Teen Told He Would Never Stand Again Defies the Odds During the National Anthem

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In the short few weeks of this football season, overpaid, whiny millionaires in the NFL are complaining about “oppression” and protesting the American flag during the National Anthem by refusing to stand. Their actions have inspired high school football teams, high school bands, even a woman in the Navy reserves and Pop Warner football players to follow suit.

The anti-America movement was begun by San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick who said during the preseason that he would not honor the flag of a country that oppresses black people and people of color. (Days later, he wore a t-shirt to a press conference featuring one of the most heinous oppressors in world history, Cuba’s Fidel Castro.) While some high school football players are staging “die-ins” during the “Star Spangled Banner,” perpetuating the Ferguson lie by lying down with their hands up, one former football player did something miraculous and pretty darn patriotic.

Wesley Baker was a 16-years-old high school student and football player in 2013 when his life suddenly changed forever. While he was walking along the highway, he was hit by an 18-wheeler. Although he miraculous survived this horrific accident, Wesley lost a leg, suffered a severe brain injury, and many other injuries. Baker and his family were told he would never stand again, let alone walk.

For the past three years, Wesley’s family did a lot of praying for a miracle while Wesley worked hard in therapy. The combination of those things along with excellent medical attention resulted in something amazing happening during last Friday night’s football game at Wesley’s former high school.

When the National Anthem played, Wesley Baker did what no one thought he would ever be able to do again. He stood up.

It’s something we all take for granted but something Wesley has fought to be able to do once again. His mother, Debra Phipps, posted about this miracle on a Facebook prayer chain page that was set up for Wesley’s recovery. You can feel her excitement through the words on the screen.

His mother spoke with WKRC and expanded upon her elation over Wesley’s progress.

She said, “It feels like a dream. I’ve asked God for three years… when his accident took place I said, ‘God please let my son walk again and talk again,’ and day by day, he’s shown me miracles.”

His uncle, Gary Smith, added, “It compares to no other. He’s just reached so many milestones since the accident and this is just another step towards him walking across that field.”

It seems like today in America it has become the en vogue thing to not stand up in respect to the American flag and the National Anthem. Wesley’s mom shares that standing up for the anthem is taking a stand for America and it’s something we all should do together.

“Wesley, he’s worked hard, he’s lost his leg and he had a right to sit down, but now God is giving him the strength to stand up, and we all need to stand up for America,” Phipps said.

Perhaps Colin Kaepernick and those he has inspired to sit, kneel, or lay down during the National Anthem should learn about Wesley’s story and be inspired by his perseverance, determination, and pride in his country. Even a life-changing accident couldn’t take that away from him.

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