Terrorist Armed with Guns and Bombs Opens Fire in Market Yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’

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The attacks against the Western world by Muslim terrorists continues.

Just last month, right before Christmas, a Muslim terrorist drove a truck through a Christmas Market in Berlin killing nine and injuring scores more. Last week, a man, originally identified as Esteban Santiago, picked up his checked luggage from baggage claim at an airport in Fort Lauderdale, loaded a gun he had inside, then opened fire killing five and injuring more. Jihad Watch reports that Santiago had actually changed his name to Aashiq Hammad and recorded Islamic religious music. He had also told an FBI office in Anchorage that he was being forced to fight for ISIS. Now, another Western city has been targeted by Islamic terrorists.

A Muslim terrorist, armed with guns, gunpowder and gasoline, walked into a supermarket in the As Lagoas region of the northwestern region Ourense of Spain and shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he fired several shots into the air. According to Spanish media, police officers were able to detain the man, who has not yet been identified, after he ran out of ammunition.

There were no reported injuries or deaths in this terrorist attack.

Of course, we are hearing the same story as we have heard before with claims that the man had psychological issues. No doubt that is the part that will be reported the most, especially by American media outlets, and not the fact that he was armed with both guns, gasoline, and gunpowder to aid in his attack that he lodged as he shouted “Allahu Akbar.”


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