Texas has a Message for Obama and his Transgender Bathroom Perversion

On Thursday, Barack Obama issued a directive royal edict to every school in America. Either allow boys who say they are girls to use the girls bathroom and locker room, and vice versa or else they will risk lawsuits and funding, including the possibility of losing federal funding for their free and reduced lunch program. In other words, Obama is bribing school districts with the money forcibly taken from their residents by the federal government and using children from poor families as bait.

Well, the leaders of the Lone Star State are not having it. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and even a superintendent have words for Obama and his threat. Basically, it is this. DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS.

Abbott, who was previously the Texas Attorney General, spoke to the audience at the Republican Party of Texas  Convention in Dallas on Thursday and took a stand for North Carolina, which finds itself being sued by the Obama regime for its recent law which requires individuals to use the restroom facilities of the gender listed on their birth certificate.

“I am working with the governor of North Carolina, and we are going to fight back,” Abbott promised.

Upon learning about the massively overreaching directive by Obama mandating that school districts across the country allow boys to use girls’ most private facilities and vice versa, Abbott vowed that Texas would fight Obama’s perversion of not only society but also his perversion of the Civil Rights Act. He also reminds Obama that he has no authority to issue such a directive because he is not a king.

I announced today that Texas is fighting this. Obama can’t rewrite the Civil Rights Act. He’s not a King. #tcot

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick called the issue a “come and take it” moment adding that it may help propel the presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump into the White House and put focus once again on school choice. Patrick added that the people of Texas would not be blackmailed by Obama.

“We’re not going to be blackmailed by the president, and we’re not going to sell out our school children for 30 pieces of silver.”

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Dr. Rodney Cavness, Superintendent of Port Neches School District in Texas, said that Obama’s letter will go right to the shredder.

I’ve got news for President Barack Obama. He ain’t my President and he can’t tell me what to do. That letter (to be released to all public schools tomorrow) is going straight to the paper shredder. I have 5 daughters myself and I have 2,500 girls in my protection. Their moms and dads expect me to protect them. And that is what I am going to do. Now I don’t want them bullied… but there are accommodations that can be made short of this. He (President Obama) is destroying the very fiber of this country. He is not a leader. He is a failure.”

Do you hear that, Barry? Don’t mess with Texas and stop forcing your dangerous and perverted ideas onto our children. Here’s the hoping Texas continues to stand tall against Obama’s tyranny.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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