Texas Sheriff’s Deputies Rip Cop-Hater Obama’s Mask Off

In case you missed it, leftist anti-cop Obama finally issued a much belated statement regarding the racial execution of Harris County Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth last Friday.

Of course, since it was a black man shooting a white cop, Obama — who would in a New York minute be behind a microphone on national TV if the situation was reversed — only issued a short written statement in order to lessen the message’s impact.

The Texas Sheriff’s Deputies responded to Obama’s massively insufficient statement, blasting Obama on Facebook for again using tragedy to push gun control, showing great hypocrisy since he’s surrounded by armed guards:

Texas Sheriff's Deputies

The Texas Sheriff’s Deputies weren’t done there, posting the following meme pointing out that it will probably be a cold day in Hell before Obama attends a police officer’s funeral:

As we reported earlier, Obama’s blatant racism has been unmasked by how he responds to tragedy depending on the skin color of those involved.

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When white racist Dylann Roof murdered nine black Christians in Charleston, South Carolina, Obama used it as a race-baiting opportunity. However, after the racial execution of a white reporter and a white cameraman by a homosexual black man, Shannon J. Miles, Obama blamed the weapon, not racism, even though all evidence pointed to racial hatred as being the prime motivator:


Obama has not gone to great heights to hide his hatred for America’s police officers, hate that was on display quite early in his first term as president.

When black professor Henry Louis Gates, a friend of Obama’s, was arrested for potential burglary in July of 2009, Obama immediately jumped to conclusions, without knowing the facts of the case, getting on national TV and stating that the police “acted stupidly.” He blamed the arrest on racism by police officers.

And then there’s the unreal decision by Obama to send three government officials to attend “gentle giant” violent thug Michael Brown’s funeral  — three more than were sent to attend Margaret Thatcher’s funeral last year.

Furthermore, literally just hours after Harris County Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth was racially executed, cowardly shot in the back of the head while pumping gas, #BlackLivesMatter radical agitators were marching while shouting “Pigs in a blanket – fry ’em like bacon!

And Obama has said nothing. Obama’s silence speaks volumes about his “wink and nod” support for the race riots and senseless, unprovoked murders of police officers across the country.

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