That Little Thing RINO Jeb Bush Did Last Night That Showed Just How Small He Is

Jeb Bush, former Florida Governor and 2016 GOP Presidential candidate, has experienced a lot of criticism as he campaigns in hopes of becoming the third Bush since 1988 to win the presidency. Thus far, however, things haven’t been looking very good for the Bush campaign.

Despite raising $100 million with a Super PAC before officially declaring his candidacy, Bush has not garnered much support from the people as he consistently performs poorly in the polls. After his little stunt last night, however, Bush will give his critics even more ammunition with which to attack and mock him.

Following the pre-debate debate and before the main stage debate began, all of the GOP presidential candidates in attendance gathered together for a group photo. The main stage participants were lined up in the order they would be at the podiums with Bush right next to Donald Trump. Since both of these men are 6’3″ one would think they would be level with one another, right? Wrong. Bush did a little something to ensure that he “towered” over Trump.

Just as the photographer was about to snap the picture, Jeb Bush casually lifted himself on his tiptoes. Don’t believe me? Watch. (article continues below video)

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Is Bush’s ego really that fragile that he would feel the need to appear to be bigger than Trump and everyone else on the stage? Did he think that lifting himself up on his tiptoes, while also lifting up his chin, would somehow make him appear authoritative or presidential?

In my humble opinion, this little antic by Jeb Bush did neither. Instead, it made him appear petty, small, and incredibly insecure.

Perhaps this is the on stage equivalent to the exclamation point that Jeb has after his name in his campaign logo. His desperation for enthusiasm about his campaign, something that still has not happened among the electorate, was a pathetic ploy in hopes of generating excitement. This latest stunt is just as pitiful, if not worse.

Jeb did not do himself any favors with his tiptoe picture taking. In fact, I wouldn’t doubt if we see a Donald Trump video mocking him likely circulating on social media pretty soon. Was that move planned or was it spontaneous on Jeb’s part? Regardless, Jeb should keep one thing in mind, tip toe picture taking is not presidential, unless maybe you’re running for the position of elementary class president.

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h/t Daily Mail

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