That Time Trump was FOR Collusion Before He was Against It

Collusion. That is the word that Donald Trump is erroneously using, and don’t think it’s an accident, to describe the joint decision by Ted Cruz and John Kasich to only focus their resources on states where they are expected to perform best. It’s called “campaign strategy,” but Trump may not realize that since he’s run his campaign flying by the seat of his pants focused more on the size of his crowds, and hands, than delegate count.

Rather than learning the rules and playing by them, Trump has a tendency to go on the attack with twisted half-truths and lies about a “corrupt system” knowing that he will be parrotted by both supporters and the media. That is precisely what is happening but, in the process, Trump is also revealing his YUGE hypocrisy.

On April 9 at the Michigan convention, Donald Trump, in his words, “colluded” with none other than John Kasich.

Don’t worry. Dana Loesch reminded him of his manipulative hypocrisy.

In speaking about Team Trump’s “collusion” with John Kasich, Trump’s national delegate manager Brian Jack called it “a big win.”

“The most important votes occurred this afternoon — we went 5-0. Five delegates for Mr. Trump ran for committee assignments; all five were elected,” Jack said.

He added, “This was a big win for Team Trump. We won 25 delegates from Michigan last month, and now, at least 25 supporters of Mr. Trump will be delegates to the Republican National Convention.”

Will Trump now call himself a liar and a cheat?

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Jennifer Burke
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