EPIC: The Biggest, Baddest, Most Brutal Smackdown of a Lying Trump Cultist Yet [VIDEO]

Image Credit: CNN (screenshot)Image Credit: CNN (screenshot)

“Do You Have Any Integrity at All?”

Finally, someone had the courage, i.e., balls, to call out one of the most annoying professional liars on cable TV.

Conservative radio talk show host Steve Deace, author of the new book, A Nefarious Plot, took issue with Trump propagandist Kayleigh McEnany’s continued lies about Ted Cruz somehow stealing the election from Donald Trump.

It was literally one of the greatest smackdowns on national TV I’ve seen, and I’m not exaggerating.

McEnany is still pushing the false Trump-created narrative that in Colorado and other states, where Donald Trump is getting crushed in the delegate battle, Ted Cruz is winning “voterless” elections, a phony meme shouted from the rooftops by websites like the Drudge Report and other pro-Trump propaganda sites that were previously conservative in nature.

After McEnany let loose with the head-snapper that Ted Cruz had somehow “willingly stood against the people of Colorado” and “trying to take the people’s will out of the equation,” Steve Deace got rightfully and thankfully righteously indignant, calling out Kayleigh McEnany for the serial purposeful liar that she is.

Steve Deace responded, and it’s a brutal and scathing rebuke that should have the result of causing his stock to soar:

“Kayleigh, I don’t know you, seriously, do you have any integrity at all? Is it that important to be on national television? You darn well know 65,000 people — I am keeping it professional — she’s the one lying.

65,000 people voted in Colorado at this thing called a caucus, called an election. There has been no voterless elections! Every delegate has been elected including the delegates unbound that Donald Trump got in Pennsylvania the other night.

This is the biggest lie — the biggest scam — from a guy who’s lied repeatedly throughout this entire campaign, whose campaign is built on a lie: ‘I’m Mr. anti-Establishment when I wrote all these guys checks.’

Yesterday, Mr. Trump was defending Ditch [Mitch] McConnell. Today, he’s taking Johannes from John Boehner . This whole thing is a scam!

And there are millions that watch people like you, sit here and go on these shows — and Scottie [Nell] Hughes and the rest of this cabal of Motley Crew of advisers who just sit here and fed this guy and lie about him and for him every single day.

And millions of Americans are freakin’ sick. of. it! Stop lying! It wasn’t a voterless election in Colorado. You’re a liar! Stop lying, please.” 

Hilariously, CNN host Brooke Baldwin tried to provide cover for Kayleigh McEnany, saying that no one was going to come on her show and call a guest a “liar.”

However, Baldwin admitted that Steve Deace was telling the truth about Colorado, so Deace was able to use the admission to prove that Kayleigh McEnany is in fact, a liar.

The fact is, Donald Trump has been getting outworked, outsmarted, and out-organized by Ted Cruz in the delegate battle. Trump thought the power of his cult of personality would carry him to victory on the first ballot without contention, which is why he arrogantly chose to not even show up in states like Colorado and Wyoming. Instead, Trump cries and whines that the system that has benefited him the most is somehow “rigged,” but only in states he loses.

Steve Deace, an Iowa-based conservative talk show host, was an early endorser of Ted Cruz  , and was a major asset in the Texas senator’s victory in the Iowa Caucus on February 1.


h/t:  Conservative Review

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