The Bill that Just Passed the House Shows Boehner’s Resignation Meant Nothing

RINO Paul Ryan Fawning Over Obama

Conservatives were promised the equivalent of Obama’s “Hope and Change” by new Speaker of the House, pro-amnesty RINO Paul Ryan, and it looks like the promises were empty at best.

If you thought that the GOP establishment was going to magically change into the party of constitutionally-limited government with the arrival of Paul Ryan as speaker, you are going to be badly disappointed, as two disturbing anti-free market and even anti-America acts took place on Thursday on the House floor.

Tucked away in the unrelated $325 billion highway bill (where did the nearly $1 trillion stimulus/porkulus money for “infrastructure” go anyway), was a provision of the cronyist Export-Import Bank, which is nothing more than corporate welfare to multinational corporations, all funded by already overtaxed American citizens.

The highway bill/Ex-Im reauthorization was passed overwhelmingly by a 363-64 margin, with both parties voting in favor of their corporate and lobbyist masters, and against American citizens.

Meanwhile, the House today also REJECTED an amendment that would have prohibited the Export-Import Bank from providing cushy financial arrangements to state sponsors of terrorism, such as Iran. “Republicans” helped Democrats defeat the amendment 244-183.

Shamefully, only 63 Republicans voted against providing financing to terrorists.

Pro-liberty Congressman Justin Amash lambasted the vote by the House to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank:

Disgustingly, of the 63 House Republicans to vote against the Royce amendment, 48 received considerable donations from Boeing’s political action committee this year alone, an indication that those RINOs are bought and paid for, according to an analysis by the Washington Free Beacon. Boeing is — by far — the largest recipient of Ex-Im largesse. “Iran has a long history of using its commercial airlines to support its terrorist proxies. Its commercial flights are now flying military personnel to Syria, and when I say now I mean right now,” Congressman Royce said in his floor speech. “These common sense prohibitions are subject to presidential waivers and we have seen the president abuse waivers to pursue his agenda over and over again on Iran no matter what Congress thinks,” Royce said in a Wednesday speech on the House floor. Meanwhile, Tea Party-affiliated groups spoke out against the reauthorization of Ex-Im, with Heritage Action shooting holes in the argument that the Export-Import Bank keeps American jobs from moving overseas — it doesn’t:

Columnist Phil Kerpen took to Twitter to reveal the 63 Republicans who voted “NO” on the Royce amendment to ban Ex-Im subsidies to Iran and other state sponsors of radical Islamic terrorism:

It would be interesting to see how many of those who have previously spoken out against the government “picking winners and losers” actually voted to reauthorize the anti-free market Export-Import bank.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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