The Dirty Little Secret About Illegal Aliens the Left Doesn’t Want You to Know

During a House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday, testimony by Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Council, revealed a startling and dangerous statistic regarding those who are crossing our southern border illegally.

According to a report by Judd, one in five illegal immigrants who were apprehended by border patrol agents in 2014 had a criminal record. So 20% of all those who are entering the United States, and being given the space to do so by the Obama regime, have a record of criminality. This exposes the United States and American citizens to unnecessary potential and avoidable harm. It also stands as proof that Donald Trump was right when he said that some illegal foreign invaders crossing our border are of the criminal element.

Rep. John Mica (R-FL) responded to these statistics. He said, “The numbers are astounding. One hundred thousand criminal aliens entering the United States. Basically it’s out of control.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Americans are being exposed to 100,000 criminal illegal aliens with conviction records. That was in 2014 alone. While one could argue that every single illegal alien who crosses the border illegally are criminals, this is documented proof that 100,000 allowed to enter this country in one year are already convicted criminals. Our country is literally being invaded by those who have absolutely no regard for the law.

But that wasn’t the only bad and disturbing news from Judd’s report.

When illegals were crossing the southern border in droves last summer, it was revealed that the roles of border patrol agents had essentially shifted. Rather than actually protecting our border, they were made to essentially be glorified babysitters making sure that people got across the border safely and watching over them in centers that Obama set up to house, feed, clothe, and care for them.

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Judd testified that the U.S Border Patrol is short 5,000 agents of the Congress-mandated staffing. In addition, there are no border patrol agents in Phoenix.

This, coupled with the rise in violence and prominence of Mexican drug cartels at the border makes for an extremely volatile and dangerous situation.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Judd told the committee that violence at the border has escalated heavily since the early 2000s with the emergence of “well-organized, heavily armed, and pathologically violent” drug cartels, and said the cartels are notoriously violent within Mexico.

“To give you a sense of the violence, the official death toll … is 60,000,” said Judd, referring to the number of people killed in Mexico by drug cartels. “However, the unofficial death toll is over 120,000 killed and another 27,000 missing and presumed dead. In Mexico, the cartels kill without hesitation or fear of prosecution.”

Judd also put into perspective how this increase in violence at the border by the Mexican drug cartels, coupled with the 100,000 criminal illegals, 20% of all those who entered the country as a foreign invader in 2014 alone, is impacting the United States.

In his testimony, Judd said, “What I find the scariest part about the worsening violence in Mexico is how it’s extending now inside the United States. we’re not only seeing violence on the border, but this is extending now inside the United States and that’s scary.”

Many an American has had their life taken away by an illegal alien. Most of the times, their deaths, and their assailant, go largely unreported. But this summer, the illegal alien violent criminal element had a spotlight shined upon it with the death of Kate Steinle.

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Steinle was simply walking along the San Francisco pier, a sanctuary city for illegals, with her father when she was killed by an illegal alien. Her family has been very vocal about the fact that Kate would still be alive today had the Sheriff in San Francisco turned the man accused of killing her into ICE rather than releasing him onto the streets. He had a criminal history that was ignored due to San Francisco’s apparent devotion to protecting illegals instead of having a concern for the safety of American citizens.

Democrat Rep. Carolyn Maloney of New York expressed concern regarding the facts presented during Judd’s testimony and report. She said, “It’s not only on the border now; it’s coming into the United States…it’s going to be a long effort at the border and…it’s out of control.”

Rep.Mica went even further in his condemnation of the situation calling for the nine U.S consulates that are located in Mexico to be closed and the land sold. “You have to have some consequence for your actions,” said Mica.

During the summer of 2014, when illegals were streaming across the southern border in massive numbers, it was revealed that the government of Mexico was assisting illegals from Central America and helping them get through Mexico into the United States. Mexico has very strict illegal immigration laws, The pass was valid for the amount of time it took to travel from Central America to the border of the United States.

We have more than a problem at our southern border. We have unprecedented danger that our country is being exposed to due to the negligence of the federal government to keep our country safe and their failure to secure our border.

Yes, Donald Trump was right. Criminals are crossing our border. It is not simply people looking for opportunity and a better way of life. The Obama regime and all who are enabling him are allowing those who wish to do harm, and have a criminal history of doing so, enter our country with the space to destroy our safety, our sovereignty, and our way of life.


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