The Disgusting Question an Iowa Radio Host Asked Ted Cruz’s Wife

So much for the spouses and children of presidential candidates being off limits. The rules change when that presidential candidate is a Republican. They completely go out the door when that presidential candidate is a constitutional conservative Republican who also happens to be of Cuban-American descent.

Now, I’m not certain if the radio host who asked this crude question is from the left or the right, but what was asked was absolutely wrong.

Heidi Cruz, the wife of Texas Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz appeared on local Iowa station, 1400 KFVD, as she was campaigning for her husband. What this host asked her is absolutely shocking.

Bombastic billionaire and reality TV star Donald Trump has made much ado about nothing in regards to the citizenship status of Ted Cruz. After Cruz began rising in the polls, Trump went on the attack as promised, attempting to plant a seed of doubt in the minds of voters regarding whether Cruz, who was born to an American citizen mother in Canada, is eligible to be president.

The radio host ran with that narrative and asked Heidi Cruz the following despicable question.

Would you please respond to the fact of whether you’re sleeping with a, uh, uh, uh, uh, an immigrant?”


Of course, she responded with the utmost class and laughed it off.

“There was a funny post on the Internet that the Canadians saying, ‘don’t worry he’s 100% American,’ so I think that can partly settled the question. But this is not hotly contested in the law. There a few liberal professors out there who are trying to stir this up, but there is a definition of a natural-born citizen, and Ted fits that definition. He was born to an American mother in a foreign country.”

But, could you imagine the outrage and accusations if a Democrat’s wife were asked such a crude question. The accusation of racism, since Cruz is Latino, would be plastered all over every leftist news site and network.

Representative Steve King (R-IA), who has endorsed Ted Cruz, was in the studio with Heidi Cruz and addressed the question as well.

“I’d like to simplify this. This is a Trump ploy. … You are either natural-born or naturalized. No one questions Ted Cruz’s citizenship — not even Donald Trump, he hasn’t run that ploy yet,” King, who sits on the House Constitution Subcommittee, said. “And, so, if you’re not naturalized, you are natural born. And that means you’re naturally born where you’re automatically an American citizen. … So I think there’s zero legal question about this.”

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