The Election Day Victory the Left Doesn’t Want You to See

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On Tuesday in Kentucky, history was made. It’s a history that is the first of its kind in the state of Kentucky, and one that is being largely ignored by the Democrat Media Complex. It has also been ignored by the NAACP in a glaring example of the fact that they are not truly for the advancement of black people. They are instead for the advancement of black liberals and the far-left, radical Democrat agenda.

Jenean Hampton, a 57-year old black woman, made history in Kentucky on Tuesday by becoming the first black person ever elected to a statewide office. So, why will the NAACP not acknowledge her victory? Why has there been no congratulations from the Obamas, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi or any prominent Democrat figure? Why has the leftwing media failed to report such a monumental victory? The reason is simple.

Hampton is not just a black woman, she’s a Tea Party Republican.

As Matt Bevin’s lieutenant governor running-mate, Hampton made history when Bevin was elected as governor. Both share one thing in common that should also strike fear in the GOP establishment. Neither one has ever held elected office. The duo crushed the Democrat candidate, Jack Conway, resoundingly 52.2% to 44.1%. An independent candidate drew 3.7% of the vote.

Both Bevin and Hampton became involved in the Tea Party movement and, from there, launched a bid for a career in politics. While Bevin ran for Senate against Senate Majority Leader Obama’s Mitch McConnell, Hampton ran for a position as a state representative. Although she lost, she did catch the attention of many, even securing the endorsement of Kentucky Senator, and current GOP presidential candidate, Rand Paul.

Hampton, who grew up in Detroit, said about her victory, “I’m aware of the historical significance. People point it out … Really, I just never think about it. We’re different races, different sexes, he grew up in the country, I grew up in the city. We represent a broad range of the Kentucky demographic.

Her story is one that the left would highlight and praise if only she was a Democrat. Hampton grew up poor with her three sisters and was raised by a single mother who was not even a high school graduate. She did not allow her circumstance to define who she was and did not slip into complacency.

After high school, Hampton obtained a degree in industrial engineering, then worked five years to pay off her loans before joining the Air Force. She excelled in the Air Force as well, rising to the rank of Captain. Following her retirement, she obtained her MBA from the University of Rochester. A career as a plant manager at a corrugated packaging plant led her to Kentucky, but she was thrown a curveball by life when she lost her job in 2012.

Hampton then chose to get involved in politics and her local Tea Party movement.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Perhaps we should not be surprised that the NAACP will not even acknowledge Hampton’s historic victory. After all, this is the same group that accused Senator Tim Scott, who is the first black person ever elected to the Senate from South Carolina and the first to win a statewide election since the Reconstruction, of not believing in civil rights.

Scott’s victory was also written off by black Democrats in Congress as insignificant as a sign of racial progress. Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has been described by the leftwing media as  a ‘safe Negro‘ only being used to talk bad about Barack Obama. There is also a concerted effort on the part of the leftwing media to destroy Carson, the only black Republican running for the presidency, just like they went after Herman Cain in 2012. And let’s not forget the continued high-tech lynching of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

People like Hampton, Thomas, Carson, Cain and Scott throw a major wrench in the Democrat accusation of the Republican party being the racist party of old, white men. That helps explain the ignoring of Jenean Hampton, a Tea Party Republican, as Kentucky’s first statewide elected black official by the leftwing media.

So spread this news from the rooftops and celebrate Hampton’s victory!

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Jennifer Burke
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