The End of Frats: National Fraternity Now Accepting Any Who ‘Identify’ as Male

How many readers out there belonged to a fraternity? I never did, but the concept of unity was not lost on me. I understood the appeal.

The value of a fraternal organization is that it creates a bond between “brothers,” a network of friends upon which each other can rely.

Like other pillars of civilization, however, the left is seeking to tear-down this fine institution as well.

The University of Oregon’s Delta Tau Delta (DTD) fraternity announced that they will now accept pledges who simply identify as male.

DTD member Zach Lusby justified the shameful betrayal of current, past and present brothers by saying, “One of the driving elements in our fraternity is that we value excellence, and we would lose a lot of good men if we excluded transmen.”

Of course, finding young men committed to excellence is a laudable goal for any fraternity… you know, as long as they’re men.

DTD announced the new policy via Twitter saying, “as of January 2016, @DeltaTauDelta welcomes transgender members,” and adding, “Can’t wait to see our family grow!”

The University of Oregon chapter of DTD appears to be the first DTD chapter to welcome the delusional as members. The decision was made on a national level, however.

The DTD International Fraternity states on its website claims that the organization voted to allow transgender individuals into the organization by amending their definition of what constitutes “illegal discrimination” policies.

The fraternity now states that the organization “does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity,” and that “Delta Tau Delta is open to all men of superior character including transgender males.”

Because nothing will help solidify unity and fraternal bond like forcing them to accept a mentally-ill social justice warrior and forcing them to validate her delusion…

There is a specific reason why fraternities and sororities are not co-ed. On the plus side, if this same line of reasoning holds, soon, men around campus will have the choice of where they want to join: fraternities, or sororities filled with vibrant and beautiful young ladies.

It’s a shame, really; the University of Oregon is the campus upon which “Animal House” was filmed. It is a shame that the birthplace of “fraternity culture” is also the very place where such a culture is destined to die a slow, miserable, politically correct death.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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