The Gift Accepted by Pope Francis that Should Frighten All Americans

Last week, during a visit with the Marxist dictator in Bolivia, Evo Morales, Pope Francis accepted a gift that should have created a firestorm among not only Catholic Christians, but Christians everywhere. Morales presented the Pope with a crucifix, but there was something overtly disturbing about this particular crucifix. Yes, it depicted Jesus crucified, but the cross was made out of wood carved hammer and sickle.

Although the Vatican says that the Pope was unaware of the gift prior to it being presented to him, Pope Francis later said that he was not offended by it in the least and viewed it as ‘protest art.’

Protest art? The hammer and sickle are symbols of communism, which is responsible for the death of hundreds of millions of people around the world throughout time. To this day, people living in communist countries suffer under brutal regimes.

Yet, Pope Francis, who has very recently bashed capitalism, graciously accepts, and excuses, a hammer and sickle crucifix?

Let me say outright that I am not a Catholic basher. I’m not one of those ignorant bigots who don’t think Catholics are Christians. In fact, I was born and raised Catholic. I attended Catholic school from K through 12 and was highly involved in the Catholic church throughout college.

Although I have attended a non-denominational church for a few decades now, I still miss the traditions and the reverence of the Catholic mass. But, the movement towards increased leftist “social justice,” among other things, have led me away from the Catholic faith. At one point, I considered going back home to the Catholic Church. Then came Pope Francis, and that possibility for me changed.

There is much to admire about Pope Francis. He has worked to be a man of the people, refusing what many see as a lavish lifestyle that goes along with being the Pope. He lived in a meager fashion as a priest and insists on doing so as much as possible even now as Pope. But, his radical leftism should frighten more than just Catholics. The fact of the matter is, regardless of religious preference, Catholicism is the largest Christian denomination in the world, so the Pope is looked to as a leader by even those outside the Catholic faith.

And far left radicals love him.

I could remind you about the controversy surrounding Pope Francis’s encyclical on climate change or his intense criticism, and many say attack, on capitalism. There are those who say that his words were taken out of context and those who vehemently believe that those instances were simply him flaunting his radical progressive ideology.

But, there is absolutely no way to explain away this latest controversy surrounding Pope Francis that you may not even have heard about yet.

Dennis Prager makes excellent points in his column on on the trend and danger of Leftism taking ahold of religion and influencing it, in many ways, beyond the Bible. In fact, Prager states that the embrace of the Far-Left by the Pope betrays Christianity.

The pope’s acceptance of Morales’ gift — along with his attacks on capitalism during his Latin American tour — further confirms one of the most troubling moral developments of our time: The Roman Catholic Church is currently led by a man whose social, political and economic views have been shaped by Leftism more than by any other religious or moral system.

It also reconfirms what is probably the single most important development one needs to understand in order to make sense of the contemporary world: The most dynamic religion of the past hundred years has been Leftism — not Christianity or Islam or any other traditional religion.

He continued by pointing out the dangerous infiltration of Christianity by Leftism.

Indeed, regarding traditional religions, Leftism has influenced them — particularly Christianity and Judaism — far more than they have influenced the Left.

Mainstream Protestant Christianity, much of Catholicism (especially in Latin America, where Pope Francis lived his whole life before becoming pope), and most of non-Orthodox Judaism have become essentially liberal/Left movements with religious (and in the case of Judaism, ethnic) identities.

This is extremely dangerous and Christians everywhere must be honest with themselves when sitting in church, listening to sermons, as well as hearing their words and viewing their actions . Are those sermons, statements and actions based upon the Bible, which is the Word of God, or are they based on far-left wing ideology that perverts, or even worse, goes against God?

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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