The Hacker Group Anonymous‬‬ Declares War Against A Presidential Candidate

Anonymous is a group known for cyber-attacks on government and corporate websites alike, and they have a new target they are going after.

Their new target is Donald Trump.

The newly released Youtube video was actually published on March 4th, but is just now gaining steam as the are planning an attack on Trump’s campaign website on April 1st.

They believe that Trump has not only shocked the USA by his bombastic nature, but he is shocking the world with what he is inciting.

Anonymous is also asking for other hackers to go after Donald Trump stating specifically, “To our fellow hacktivists throughout the world; This is a call to protect our future, our freedom and our very way of life. This is a call to you. We need you to shut down his [Trump’s] websites.”

Anonymous even states in the video that you do not have to be hacker to shut Trump down.

The video highlights some of Donald Trump’s worst moments on the campaign trail and TV appearances. While I personally do not agree with anything Trump is doing, this seems like a direct attempt to shut down free speech.

About the Author

Kristina Hall
Kristina Hall
Kris is a wife, mother and grandmother. After 12 years in the car industry, she decided to leave in 2010 in order to dive into the world of politics. Kris was not, however, interested in politics as usual. She wanted to help make a change and right the wrongs that have been done to our great Republic. She is a defender of the Constitution and wants to do her part in saving the country for future generations. Working for one of the top conservative groups in the country, Kris served in an instrumental role in all the major events that were planned. Her diversity of skills led her to jobs ranging from database management and content creation to company administration and managing merchandise as well as any other hole that needed to be plugged.

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