The Huge Faux Pas by Donald Trump that No One is Talking About [VIDEO]

Just in case you needed more proof that the mainstream media works hard to control the narrative and influence people’s way of thinking, I have something for you.

Last night during a speech in Indiana, basketball country, Ted Cruz said “basketball ring” after previously saying “basketball rim.” Nevermind that if you Google basketball ring, you will get pictures of basketball hoops, with a rim, it was so much of a big, freaking deal to the media that FOX News’ Bret Baier mentioned it last night, FOX News’ Bill Hemmer brought it up this morning, and Cruz was asked a question about it while talking to reporters. But I bet you haven’t heard about the even bigger faux pas committed by Mr. Word Salad himself, Donald Trump, so I’ll tell you.

My husband and I used to live in the Pacific Northwest, so when we heard Trump brag about how well he anticipated doing in Oregon, we took notice.

No, we didn’t take notice because of his typical braggadocious self. We took notice because we knew he had just committed a humongous faux pas that the people of Oregon, heck most in the Pacific Northwest, find insulting.

He horribly mispronounced Oregon.

As he let everyone know that he believed he would do extremely well in The Beaver State, he pronounced it ‘Ore-Gone.’

OUCH.(article continues below video)

Perhaps Trump’s handlers should prep him on how you pronounce different states before he takes to the microphone. For the record, Donald, it is pronounced ‘Ore-Gun.’

Although the hubby and I believed Trump’s pronunciation was frowned upon by Oregonians, since my husband grew up across the Snake River from Ontario, Oregon, we decided to confirm with a friend who lives in Eugene and grew up in Oregon.

Just as we suspected, Trump’s pronunciation is seen as a huge gaffe and insulting to Oregonians.

I admit. I meant to write this article last night, but I was quite tired. Prior to writing, I decided to see if anyone else had picked up on Trump’s oopsie moment.

Low and behold, the peeps at The Oregonian did as well. Their article, There is No Gone in Oregon, called Trump out for failing to learn how to pronounce the state’s name and even included a tutorial video of Governor Kate Brown teaching people how to correctly pronounce ‘Oregon.’

If only the best people that Trump hires had found this prior to him taking the microphone.

It was also noted in the article that Trump has yet to announce a campaign state in…say it with me…Ore-Gun. I wonder if that will change so that he can make amends and try to get his pronunciation right.

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Jennifer Burke
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