The Humiliating Thing Campus Cops Forced Pro-Life Students to Do

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As the calls to defund Planned Butcherhood increase as the baby murdering and body parts harvesting operation finds itself under investigation for numerous felony charges, many in the pro-life movement are taking a stand to draw attention to the heinous actions of the group. At Utah State University, four pro-life college students learned the hard way that taking such a stand can lead to you being treated like a common criminal.

Thursday was National Pro-Life Chalk Day. The objective of that day was to “encourage pro-life students to write chalk messages on campuses encouraging other students to adopt pro-life views.” Four members of the group Students for Life of America, who attend Utah State, decided to participate by writing messages in colorful chalk on campus. Though they completed their task, it is what happened afterwards that should have all those who fight for the right to life and freedom of speech outraged.

The four students used colorful chalk, which is non-permanent, to spread the pro-life message. One of the students who participated name is Melissa. She explained, “We drew 897 hearts (the number of Planned Parenthood aborted babies) with a big banner across the top saying ‘say no to abortion’ and #defundpp around the bottom. Then we wrote pro-life quotes from Dr. Suess, Mother Theresa, etc.. I have to say it was way cool.”

Melissa also explained that using chalk on sidewalks on campus is something that has been done without an issues by other clubs in the past. She added, “Our school is a public university and I frequently see messages chalked across campus. Messages announcing activities, random pictures, etc.” Melissa went on to say that she has even witnessed clubs handing out chalk on campus for students to use to write messages on sidewalks.

But, after she and three other pro-life students wrote 897 pro-life messages, even though a campus police car was parked nearby when they did it and a campus cop car drove over it while they were drawing their messages, they were approached by campus cop who told them what they did essentially amounted to vandalism and they had to remove it immediately.

The allegations of their experience was expounded on by Melissa. “He told us that chalk isn’t allowed, that it is a big problem and that people would be offended by our message,” she said. “He told us that we needed to clean it up and took down our ID numbers. We were very polite, and told him if we needed to, we would go get brooms and clean up our art.”

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But, the campus cop didn’t stop there. Melissa claims one of the cops told them that he was afraid that things would “become a big deal” if pro-lifers posted anti-abortion art online.

So, the students drove to Wal-Mart to get brooms in order to sweep away their pro-life, chalk artwork. As they took turns sweeping it away, they were surrounded by four police officers who watched to make sure they cleaned up all the evidence, treated as if they were criminals.

For 40 minutes, the students swept while the campus cops watched. Afterwards, a facilities manager was called out to help them use the water hose to get rid of any evidence of their free speech activity.

Though no charges were filed, Melissa spoke about the group’s reaction to how the campus police treated them. She stated, “I felt like we were treated unfairly. The feeling my friends and I received from the officers was that our message was offensive and that is why we had to clean it up. I was under the impression that we were all entitled to our own opinions and freedom of speech and expression.”

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It’s becoming a disturbing trend on college campuses for the free speech of students, especially conservative students, to be attacked and denied. Many colleges have set up free speech zones which limit the area in which students can voice their opinion to a small area. Others have also set up rules that require students to obtain a permit to get permission to exercise their free speech. Now, we have pro-life college students subjected to humiliation in response to their exercise their freedom of speech.

In this day and age when both religious freedom, freedom of speech, and the protection of life at its most vulnerable in the womb remain under attack, actions such as these are sadly becoming increasingly more common.

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