The Kaepernick Effect: Major NBA Star Now Protesting Against the Military

Ever since San Francisco’s biracial backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick began his protest against the National Anthem, saying he wouldn’t honor the flag of a country that oppresses black people, unpatriotic actions have been sold by the media, elected Democrat politicians, and progressive celebrities as being patriotic. His actions have even earned the praise of America’s race-baiting president, Barack Obama.

As the media salivates with glee over watching people protest against America by refusing to stand for the National Anthem, instead some are either kneeling, performing “die-ins,” or standing in racist Black Panther fashion with their fists in the air, a star with the New York Knicks decided he would protest, too. This time, however, he’s protesting against the military.

The Knicks train at West Point and have done so for years. On Thursday night, the team was scheduled to attend a dinner with West Point cadets. Military officials were also scheduled to deliver speeches during the dinner. That evening, one player was noticeably absent from the dinner. Joakim Noah is the newest member of the Knicks after being signed to a four-year, $72 million contract with the team in July.

He stated during a press conference that he did not attend the dinner with the West Point cadets because he is against war. His refusal to be in the presence of the military who risk their lives to keep us safe was “a political stand,” in his words because he does not feel comfortable with war and hates it.

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Noah’s agent attempted to clean things up on Friday telling TMZ Sports, “He has the utmost respect for the military members and cadets. He just doesn’t agree with war.”

He did not escape intense criticism on social media for his insulting actions towards those who risk their lives so that he is free to make the millions he is making for bouncing a ball around and shooting it through a hoop. He was also called out for his incredible hypocrisy since he was okay with shooting hoops with Barack Obama, the one who for the last nearly eight years has been the one sending people to war.

Do you think this NBA star’s public protest against America’s military will negatively affect the reputation and ratings of the NBA?

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