The Left Has Lost Their Minds; You Won’t Believe Why This is Now ‘Offensive!’

It’s come to this. In this hyperactive, overly sensitive society, the raisin has now been deemed by the federal government as offensive. More specifically, small raisins, which have been known as ‘midget raisins’ have been determined to be offensive after an activist group went on the attack against them.

The Little People of America demanded that the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) cease using the term midget to describe small raisins. In a society in which political correctness rules the day, the USDA complied.

Although the Little People of America admits that this is a harmless use of the term, they still sent a petition to the USDA on May 13, 2013 requesting that the term ‘midget’ be stricken from grading standards of raisins in order to “raise awareness around and eliminate the use of the term ‘midget.’

“Though the use of the word midget by the USDA when classifying certain food products is benign, Little People of America, and the dwarfism community, hopes that the USDA would consider phasing out the term midget.’”

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The USDA agreed to eliminate the word midget from use in their classification of raisins. It is used five times in their “Standards for Grades of Processed Raisins.”

“The action would clarify AMS grade standards by eliminating the use of the term ‘midget,’ while consistently using the term ‘small’ for raisins graded in that category,” the USDA said in the proposed rule. “The industry has used the two grade terms interchangeably for years. The proposed grade standards would be applied uniformly by all handlers.”

“These changes would modernize and clarify the standards by removing dual terminology for the same requirement,” the agency said.

The government said the change was prompted by a request from the Little People of America, a nonprofit membership organization for people of short stature.

The term midget had been used to classify these small raisins since 1978. Suddenly, nearly four decades later, it is offensive.

Fox and Friends highlighted the absurdity of this focus by the feds when there are far more important and dire events happening throughout the country and the world.


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h/t Washington Free Beacon

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