The Movement to #FireBoehner is Alive and Well; Conservative Mark Meadows Announces His Next Move

In late July, conservative Congressman Mark Meadows, serving North Carolina’s 11th district, launched a historic resolution requesting that establishment RINO Speaker of the House John Boehner vacate his position as Speaker.

The powerful resolution blasted Boehner with charges of causing the power of the legislative branch to shrink under his reign, as well as punishing members who vote in a way contrary to what Boehner desires.

It appears to be turning out that Meadow’s bold move may be much more than just words.

Rep. Mark Meadows told The Daily Signal on Sunday that he has “no regrets” about his statement of no confidence in John Boehner and that either he, or possibly another principled conservative lawmaker, could refile the motion from “non-privileged” to “privileged,” which would have the effect of forcing a vote within two legislative days.

Additionally, Meadows calculates that in order for Boehner to retain his speakership — this would be hugely embarrassing to Boehner — Boehner would have to depend on support from…Democrats!

Meadows predicts that there are “many more” than 29 Republicans who would vote to strip RINO Boehner of his place of power, far more than the 25 who voted against re-electing Boehner as speaker in January. Congressmen Ted Yoho of Florida, Louie Gohmert of Texas, Steve King of Iowa, Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma, Daniel Webster of Florida, Jim Jordan or Ohio, Thomas Massie, Justin Amash of Michigan and Walter Jones of North Carolina, have been some of the most courageously outspoken proponents of ending Boehner’s rule.

Meadows said that prior to filing the resolution to oust Boehner, he discussed it with his family telling them that things could get ugly as a consequence of his challenge of Boehner.

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“I told them [my family] if I did it, it may be a very lonely and difficult time — a time that quite honestly may send me back home,” Meadows told The Daily Signal. “Whenever you go up against really established norms, it can be very costly personally. But they were all very supportive,” he said.

Despite the political and personal cost of challenging the RINO establishment leadership, Meadows said that he has “no regrets.”

“I didn’t know I had the intestinal fortitude to do it,” Meadows said. “You look at the consequences and it’s not an easy thing to do, especially for a guy who likes people. I do love people, so it makes it very difficult for me to really be the guy that is potentially not liked. I like to be liked. But I have no regrets. The person who stares back at me in the mirror is the same person as four years ago.”

Meadows said that one of the immediate consequences of his challenge to Boehner and the Washington cartel was that before 5:00 PM on the day after he filed the resolution to remove Boehner, his Washington, D.C., fundraiser “fired him.”

“He was very nice about it. He just said I can’t raise any more money in this town for you because of what you just did,” Meadows said.

“History is full of people who they said were nothing more than business guys and fathers and farmers, but who are there to stand up for what they believe in,” Meadows continued. “So I don’t see my name going down in history as a great leader. I’m just a willing participant trying to voice the concern of millions of Americans across the United States,” he said.

The movement to fire Boehner has been steadily gaining steam. Two years ago, a small group of principled conservatives, nine, moved to remove Boehner. That number almost tripled, to 25 in January.

Meadows said that his next move will depend on whether Republican leadership begins being responsive to those who elected them. Millions of Americans are livid with the broken promises of GOP leadership and their enabling the Obama regime on issues like Obamacare, the debt limit, and illegal amnesty.

“If we have a leadership that becomes responsive, then nothing happens with the resolution. If they are not responsive, the only thing we can change at this particular point is the speaker of the House, and then that certainly is on the table.”

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Matthew K. Burke
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