Scott Walker Says This is the One Thing That Puts Him Ahead of Other Candidates; It May Surprise You

Despite the great success at saving the state of Wisconsin from financial insolvency, Governor Scott Walker has come under criticism by elitist critics for not having a college degree. He dropped out of Marquette University during the Spring semester of his senior year. His success as a student senator while at Marquette, as a member of the State Assembly, as Milwaukee County Executive, and as Governor of Wisconsin is maddening to those elitists who claim to be for the every day man, but hold their noses up at individuals like Walker who has achieved much despite not having a diploma. Though he has not yet declared, that lack of diploma, Walker has recently said, may just put him at an advantage over the rest of the 2016 presidential candidates.

During a meeting in Washington, D.C. with members of the U.S. House, Walker’s lack of a college degree reportedly came up. There are a few different stories that have been told  as to why Walker never finished his degree. Walker himself says it is because he was offered a full-time job and decided to take it. Some who attended college with Walker said they believed he left because one of his parents had a health issue. Still others say his decision to leave was because of the financial stress the degree had on Walker’s family.

Regardless of the reason, Walker has shown that one does not need to have a college degree to be successful in government.

According to Newsmax, the question about Walker’s lack of a degree and his answer that followed was recounted by Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma and Rep. Dave Brat of Virginia. Cole said that Walker’s response when asked about the fact that he doesn’t have a degree was, “It plays in my favor.”

Cole recounted that Walker shared with lawmakers that 68 percent of American adults don’t have a college degree. He therefore sees his lack of one as advantageous, not a disadvantage.

As for how he feels about Walker’s lack of a college degree, Cole seemed to side with the Badger State Governor by saying that Walker being asked about his lack of a degree is ‘an elitist question.’

h/t Newsmax

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