The Percentage of #SyrianRefugees that Support ISIS is ALARMING

As the Obama Regime continues down the path of inviting thousands of potential terrorists into America, Islamists who may be willing and able to conduct the kind of Islamic terrorism we saw in Paris on Friday, a shocking poll by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies found that more than one in ten, a stunning 13% of “Syrian refugees” support the barbaric Islamic terrorist group known as ISIS (aka: ISIL or IS).

As disturbing as that number is, an additional 10% of Syrian “refugees” have only a “negative to some extent” view of of ISIS, indicating at least some level of support. This also indicates that in total, nearly a quarter, 23%, are sympathizers of Islamic terrorism against America and its allies.

As you can see from the following graphic on page 19 of the survey, a higher percentage of Palestinians support ISIS than the several Middle Eastern countries listed, while virtually no one in Lebanon supports radical Islamic terrorism.

Percentage of Syrian Refugees that Support ISIS

Unfortunately, the spread of the poisonous radical Muslim ideology isn’t limited by Middle Eastern countries, now that they have successfully invaded various countries of the world, often with receiving country’s blessings.

For example, a 2013 poll from Pew showed that 13% of American Muslims said that violence against civilians is often, sometimes or rarely justified to defend Islam. A 2011 poll from Pew showed that 21 percent of Muslims are concerned about extremism among Muslim Americans. 19 percent of American Muslims as of 2011 said they were either favorable toward Al Qaeda or didn’t know.

In France, a full 16% of French people have positive views toward the barbaric and evil ISIS terrorists.

Furthermore, in nearby Great Britain, a 2006 poll for the Sunday Telegraph found that 40% of British Muslims wanted Sharia law in the United Kingdom, and that 20% backed the 7/7 bombers.

As the Gateway Pundit pointed out, the poll has been completely ignored by the Democrat Media Complex, for obvious reasons — it makes the Obama plan to import thousands of Muslims from Syria look like something resembling utter idiocy at best, and treason at worst.

Investor’s Business Daily and others have reported that most of the Syrian “refugees,” a troubling 70%, are young men and fit the very profile and demographic of an ISIS terrorist.

Anti-American progressive leftist Democrats can trend the hashtag #SyrianRefugees, filled with their guilt trips about how we’re “abandoning our values” all they want. But no country, other than one full of lunatics, would gladly import their enemy to cause their own suicide. That is not, and has never been an “American value.”

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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