The Question an 11-Year-Old Asked Mike Pence is Highly Embarrassing for the Trump Campaign

On Wednesday, Indiana Governor and Donald Trump’s vice-presidential running mate, Mike Pence, was speaking at a campaign rally in North Carolina.

When those in attendance were given an opportunity to ask questions, an 11-year old boy named Matthew stepped up to the microphone and asked a question that speaks volumes regarding how Donald Trump is viewed through the eyes of those who have not been mesmerized by the reality TV show star.

Matthew respectfully addressed Mike Pence then asked his question. He said, “Good morning Governor Pence. I’ve been watching the news lately, and I’ve been noticing that you have been kind of softening up on Mr. Trump’s–uh–policies and words. Is this going to be your role in the administration?”


This kid’s question brings to mind the damning ad by the Hillary Clinton campaign called “Role Model.” It shows children watching Donald Trump in his most controversial moments and statements, in a dark room with eyes opened wide. It then ponders the question, “Our children are watching. What example will we set for them?”

Judging by Matthew’s question, the answer is the example being set by Trump is not a very good one.

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Mike Pence did the best he could to address the young man’s question. After getting the young man’s name, he said, “What I’ve learned, Matthew, and you’ll learn it when you’re governor of North Carolina–I’m not kidding about that. Sometimes things don’t always come out like you mean, right? And Donald Trump and I are absolutely determined to work together.”

He went on to say that he and Trump have different styles and that the Trump campaign wanted to balance the ticket. After discussing how Trump’s “larger than life” personality was appealing to voters, he told a story to show how his personality evens things out.

“I went on a motorcycle ride last Friday. I ride motorcycles. Any bikers in the room? So, somebody posted on the internet a picture of me on a motorcycle, and we were leading the annual governors ride in Indiana, and underneath it it said, ‘born to be mild.’”

So, will Mike Pence’s job, should the two win in November, be to soften Trump’s policies and words in a damage control kind of role? Although he didn’t come right out and say yes, what he did say and what he has been doing reveals the answer to that question to be a very difficult ‘yes.’

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