The Reason Hillary Was Late for the Second Half of the Debate Shows She is NOT ‘Just One of Us’

On Saturday, ABC hosted a Democrat candidate presidential debate. After the commercial break at the halfway mark, noticeably missing was Hillary Clinton. The debate moderators waited for a few moments, then continued the debate without her rather than keep Socialist Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley waiting any longer.

When Hillary finally returned to the stage, after the second half of the debate had already begun, she simply smiled and said, “Sorry.” What caused Hillary to return to the stage so late, you ask? She refused to share the multi-stall restroom with anyone and insisted that it be completely cleared before she would enter.

According to Clinton campaign spokesperson Nick Merrell, there were no security concerns on Hillary’s behalf. She just didn’t want to share the bathroom with anyone else.

The break was five minutes. The Boston Globe said she had plenty of time to get to and from the stage to go to the bathroom. The walk there was 1:45 each way. Rather than getting there and taking care of business, she waited until an O’Malley staffer Lis Smith, who is also the girlfriend of disgraced New York Governor Elliot Spitzer, was finished in the restroom. They then made sure no one else entered while Hillary was in there.

As a result, the debate started the second half without her.


I guess Queen Hillary is too good to be among the unwashed masses unless it’s for a photo op.

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h/t Independent Journal

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