The Secret About the Virginia Shooter That the Leftstream Media Doesn’t Want You to Know


Well, well, well. It turns out there’s a dirty little secret about Vester Lee Flanagan, who also went by the name Bryce Williams, that the Left will no doubt want to keep under wraps. Flanagan, the homosexual black man who shot and killed two straight white former co-workers on Wednesday, was not just “a powder keg waiting to explode,” as he described himself. He was also a raging Democrat and Obama supporter.

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Flanagan was not only a supporter of Barack Obama, he was reprimanded by WDBJ, the station that fired him in 2013 for, among other things, his anger issues and difficulty working with others, for wearing an Obama pin while reporting on the election in 2012. That was a clear violation of journalistic efforts and was just one of many things for which Flanagan was disciplined during his time at the station.

The Daily Mail obtained a copy of Flanagan’s letter of reprimand. Though Flanagan had a history of crying racism and finding things to complain about, having claimed in his manifesto that he experienced discrimination because he was black and gay, it appears that the station, despite his disciplinary issues and performance deficits, tried to work with him towards improvements.

Obama badge

Their efforts must not have been successful since he was subsequently fired in 2013. He had such a history of anger that the station cleared the news room out of fear that he would become violent, then had to call police to physically remove him.

There is much that can be said about Flanagan. He was a disturbed individual who had an obvious chip on his shoulder and whose anger issues were exhibited in other areas of his life, in addition to the workplace. He reportedly threw cat feces at a neighbor, had road rage incidents, and had a violent temper with co-workers, often belittling and intimidating to photojournalists while on a scene.

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Based upon the evidence that Flanagan was an Obama supporter, who was captured on film wearing an Obama button while reporting on the election in 2012, and was a raging racist who accused others of racism and claimed the last straw for him was the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina when Dylann Roof killed nine members at a black church, does that mean we should apply the Democrat logic and tactics to this case?

Dylann Roof was photographed holding a Confederate flag. He was a racist. He shot and killed black people.  Those three things led to a months long, and still continuing, attack on not only the Confederate flag itself, but anything and everything related to it. The fact that he was pictured with the flag and was a racist led many around the nation, Democrats and some Republicans, to blame the Confederate flag rather than the shooter himself.

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By that logic, since Vester Flanagan was filmed wearing an Obama button, with Obama stoking the flames of racial unrest and divide for nearly seven years, was a racist, and shot to death two white people, shouldn’t we ban anything and everything having to do with Obama?

Had the ethnicities in that horrific on-air shooting been reversed, with the shooter being white and the victims being black, something tells me the media would have been working furiously to identity the shooter as somehow belonging to the Tea Party. In fact, they may not have even worked hard to find such information, they would just report it anyway with no proof just as ABC News’ Brian Ross did after the shooting in 2012 at a Colorado movie theater.

So, who’s with me?

Let’s call out the Democrat party for their racism, as evidenced by the actions of Flanagan, and ban Barack Obama, and any images of him. Let’s treat him exactly like the left treated the Confederate flag.

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