The Moronic Reason Why MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Believes Socialism Hasn’t Worked in America

The left is obsessed with race and skin color because they use it as a weapon at every turn in order to sell their radical agenda and pit Americans against one another. During the Obama presidency, there has been a rise in the playng of the race card, with racism accusations being used against anyone who opposes his policies and agenda and even anyone who criticizes the radical, terroristic #BlackLivesMatter racist movement.

The most recent allegation of racism by MSNBC’s tampon-earring wearing Melissa Harris-Perry continues the left’s typical stance of using racism as a war cry to push their radical ideas and silence anyone who opposes them.

During her show on Saturday, Harris-Perry and her panel discussed why there has been this resistance to support socialism in America. Of course, there was only one way for this group of loons to go. (video below)


Yes, they actually made the argument that the reason Americans have not embraced socialism, the very system of government that has led to the death of hundreds of millions in history as well as food and basic necessity shortages today in countries like Venezuela and Cuba, is racism.

Newsbusters transcribed the conversation, which highlights the absurdity of their rationale.

MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY: So we see this comparison a lot that the U.S. is alone, and nearly alone, among Western democracies in not having universal health care or guaranteed paid parental leave or many other perks of a more socialist government. But the question is why. What makes the U.S. different? And the way I tend to frame this to my students is why is there no socialism in the U.S.? The great Eric Foner question. And there`s a one-word answer, Kai, I’m looking at you, friend –

KAI WRIGHT, THE NATION MAGAZINE: Let me see. Could it be race?

HARRIS-PERRY: Could it be? I mean that becomes the kind of standard story, right, is that in this country, race and racial privilege has trumped class identity as a way of organizing our politics.

WRIGHT: Well, I mean so we could go way back, right, I mean the whole — if we`re talking about capitalism in the first instance. The whole system globally was built on slavery. The modern economy was built – the cotton was built on cotton which was built on financing, financing slaves. And so from that moment forward, we`ve been in a discussion about capitalism in the United States that has, in fact, sorted people by race. And you can’t — and so when we get back to sort of the public investments that we make in people and that part of democratic socialism that has been challenged and difficult particularly in modern times because, coming out of the Great Society, coming out of the mid-20th century, we have had a politics that makes those public investments giveaways to black people.

Notice that Kai Wright from The Nation, a far-left publication, used the term ‘democratic socialism’ which is being pushed by avowed socialist and Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

They were praising Sanders for making socialism safe in America. Sanders’ does bring about some intellectually honesty in owning the fact that the Democrat party has come a long way from the days of JFK to now embracing and pushing socialism. Heck, even the DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz can’t explain the difference between a democrat and a socialist.

There was a voice of reason in that discussion, and it came from Reason magazine’s editor-in-chief Matt Welch.

MATT WELCH:  I want to say something the history, and race is a huge part of the history of this country and sustained on everything. But capitalism didn`t just proceed from a bunch of people sitting around and saying how can I be the most racist?…But it also proceeded from a notion of individual rights and individual liberty. And some of the people who helped topple those racist structures that came or were put upon it were animated just as much by that notion of individual [liberty].

Of course, his words went basically unacknowledged because they challenged the MSNBC allegation that capitalism is inherently bad because it is racist and socialism is incredibly good because it provides free stuff.

h/t The Right Scoop

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