The Time Is Now To Defend Christianity: Candace Cameron-Bure Needs Our Prayers

There are few less pleasant things than being attacked on social media and in the public sphere.  American Christians are getting their taste of this very fact with recent cultural shifts in the nation.  Liberals everywhere have seemingly received a clarion call that it’s open season on Christians.

After one week of appearing on the hostile stage of ABC’s The View, a show this Christian gave up years ago, the show’s only conservative Candace Cameron Bure took to Facebook and expressed her feelings on the matter.

“As I prepare for my first official day as a co-host of the view tomorrow it may seem somewhat anti-climactic as I’ll only be on one segment. (Tune in to find out why.) but as I return throughout the season on a more permanent basis, here is what I ask in addition to your prayers, please encourage me if you watch the show. Please tag the view on your social media outlets if you have anything kind to say about me or my viewpoint.”

Cameron-Bure continued, “The majority of the feedback I get from the view is from liberals (whom I love) but are mean, hateful and downright nasty toward me. It’s incredibly disheartening to read. And while I know I have the support of many, most of those supporters don’t vocalize it on social media. So all I read and the view hears are the negative and discouraging comments I am tagged to that call me a vile discussing [sic] worthless and bigoted human being.”

The humble, yet fearless 39-year-old then asked her supporters to not do “what many often do on voting day…. not show up.”

She continued, “Be a voice- if not for me but for a show like this so they can hear more than one point of View! If we don’t speak up, they’ll never know!”

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Let’s do pray for Candace as she undoubtedly faces constant backlash from the oh-so “tolerant” liberal base. More than ever, Christians who are bold enough to stick their necks out there need our prayer coverage in addition to our support on social media.  Please stand with Candace and lend your support via Twitter, @candacecbure.

It’s a critical hour; we need to lock arms and SHIELDS UP!

h/t Eonline

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