The War in Syria: SHORT Video Explains Everything You Need to Know About the Fighting

We have all heard news stories about the way in Syria. We are supposed to accept tens-of-thousands of Syrian refugees into the U.S. as a supposed patriotic duty, but what, exactly, are these refugees fleeing? While we understand that violence is occurring in Syria, few understand the complicated politics of the fighting in Syria and who, exactly, is fighting whom.

Though it is far from a complex analysis of the geopolitics of the region, former Washington Post journalist and Vox Media’s Editor-in-Chief Ezra Klein offers a fascinating and short video that gives a brief run-down of what is going on in Syria and who is doing the fighting.

Please take a few minutes and check it out:

Syria's war: A 5-minute history

To understand the bloody, convoluted war happening inside and outside of Syria's borders, you need to watch this:

Posted by Ezra Klein on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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