There’s Something Freaky Going on Between Donald Trump and Sarah Palin

This makes absolutely no sense — but what does in the Donald Trump for president campaign?

First, former Tea Party darling Sarah Palin exposed herself as a shameful opportunist by tossing her conservative and constitutional principles in the trash heap with her endorsement of the New York liberal, and now it seems that either the two aren’t talking, or they are contradicting each other, or someone is lying, or someone — or both — are certifiably insane.

As you may have read, on Saturday, while the bloviating billionaire was frantically hate-tweeting and whining about being somehow treated unfairly, Ted Cruz dominated another state, The Cowboy State, Wyoming, capturing all remaining 14 delegates at the state GOP convention. Donald Trump chose not to show up, but according to his campaign, had scheduled Sarah Palin, a Trump surrogate, to speak in his absence.

However, Palin didn’t end up speaking at the event. Ted Cruz personally spoke and delusional RINO John Kasich (pronounced: “K-Sick,”), whose father was a mailman by the way, in case you haven’t heard, also didn’t show up.

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The controversy arises from the fact that the Trump campaign admitted that Sarah Palin was, in fact, originally slated to speak in Wyoming, but strangely, the former Alaskan governor and 2008 vice presidential running mate to RINO John McCain , is denying that she was ever scheduled to speak.

What the hell is going on?

As Twitchy reported, at the very least, there is some major miscommunication going on (to put it lightly) between Donald Trump and Sarah Palin.

CNN’s Betsy Klein highlighted the discrepancy in the following tweet:

Palin wrote that “despite reports” she didn’t no-show the Wyoming GOP convention (which she calls a “primary”) on Saturday. But as you can see, those “reports” came from a press release the Trump campaign itself — not some mysterious conspiracy theory pushed by the mainstream media.

What gives? Either Trump is lying or Sarah Palin is lying. Both statements cannot be true. Something very strange is going on between Donald Trump and Sarah Palin.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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