These 6 FOX News Hosts Have Been Lying About Ted Cruz; Here’s PROOF

As if you needed further proof that FOX News, the network that still dares to claim that it is “fair and balanced,” is now the Trump News Network with its hosts doing the bidding of bloviating billionaire and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, here it is.

Donald Trump has been off the rails on Twitter accusing constitutional conservative Ted Cruz of running a Facebook ad which targeted female Mormons in Utah before the Utah Caucus. The ad included a picture of Trump’s third wife, Melania, laying naked across a rug. It was taken a few years ago willingly by Melania as part of a photoshoot for GQ.The truth is the Cruz campaign had nothing to do with it. The ad was run by the anti-Trump Super PAC, Make America Awesome Again. But that hasn’t stopped Trump from continuously lying about Cruz, and his sycophantic worshippers at FOX News have followed suit.

The truth is the Cruz campaign had nothing to do with it. The ad was run by the anti-Trump Super PAC, Make America Awesome Again. But that hasn’t stopped Trump from continuously lying about Cruz, and his sycophantic worshippers at FOX News have followed suit.

Trump’s response was to issue a threat to Ted Cruz about “spilling the beans” on his wife, Heidi. After Cruz responded that he had nothing to do with the ad, Trump doubled down and retweeted a meme disparaging Heidi Cruz’s looks and making fun of her.

Anyone doing a simple Google search would see that this Super PAC is not even pro-Cruz, but anti-Trump and completely unaffiliated with Cruz. In fact, Super PACs cannot be affiliated with any candidate and, by law, candidates are not allowed to strategize with them. There was even a disclaimer at the bottom of the ad, again as required by law, which stated, “Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.”

But, even setting aside that fact, this Super PAC, again, is anti-Trump, not pro-Cruz.

Despite this fact, six hosts on FOX News have repeatedly spread the lie that the Super PAC which did the ad was pro-Cruz. These six people are Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, Lou Dobbs, and Andrea Tantaros.

On his radio show, Hannity connected Cruz to the Super PAC.

“Things got pretty nasty, between Trump and Cruz, I guess it was a super PAC that supports Ted Cruz [that] went out there with a photo, a G.Q. photo shoot of Melania Trump, Donald Trump’s wife,” he said.

Although Hannity issued an apology and retraction on social media, he was conveniently absent from both his radio and TV show on Thursday so more people heard the lie than saw the retraction.

Van Susteren went even harder in her attack on Cruz on social media Thursday, long after the truth had been circulating and Trump was revealed to be lying.

“[N]ote to candidates: if u are going to take the benefits of what your supporting SuperPac does, u should take responsibility for what it does,” Van Susteren said on social media Thursday.

“Candidates love their supporting SuperPacs but then when SuperPacs go off rails, say ‘I didn’t do it,'” she added.

By the time her show aired, she, at least, had the decency to retract her statement and admit that the ad was done by an anti-Trump Super PAC and had nothing to do with Cruz.

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Also on Thursday, again long after the truth that the Super PAC had nothing to do with Cruz was out, consistent Trump cheerleaders Andrea Tantaros, co-host of The Five and Outnumbered, and Lou Dobbs, from FOX Business, both flat out lied about Ted Cruz. In fact, Dobbs took it one step further. Using the lie that Cruz was behind the ad, Dobbs seemingly absolved Trump from his threats and attack on Heidi Cruz.

On Thursday, Tantaros, another enthusiastic Trump booster, referred to Make America Awesome as a “pro-Cruz super PAC.”

That same day, Fox Business Network anchor Lou Dobbs claimed incorrectly on his program that Trump targeted Heidi Cruz only after the senator, “began the exchange with a super PAC attack on The Donald’s wife.”

Earhardt and Doocy, co-hosts of the early morning show FOX and Friends, took things to an even more smearing level, accusing Cruz of “saying things” about Melania, Trump’s third wife, when he has only described her as lovely. This accusation was made while they spoke with Trump’s son, Eric.

“I noticed this morning, Cruz is going after – Ted Cruz is saying things about Melania, and your father fired back,” Earhardt said Wednesday morning in an interview with the real estate mogul’s son, Eric.

Her “Fox and Friends” colleague, Doocy, nodded along and referred to Make America Awesome as a Cruz super PAC.

Are these six FOX News hosts being paid under the table by Trump or do they simply feel the need to protect their fellow New Yorker with lies thereby finding an excuse for his bullying and making him the victim.

Are these the New York values that we have heard about?



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