They’ve Shown Us Who They Really Are, Will We Believe Them?

Undoubtedly by now you have heard of the growing controversy surrounding the practices of Planned Parenthood. The undercover videos depicting their ghastly method of harvesting and selling baby body parts are gaining speed and drawing ire from both sides of the abortion issue.

The normal people who have responded with shock and disgust shall heretofore be referred as “Americans.” And those who have chosen to continue the lies and either hide and/or promote these macabre practices shall heretofore be referred as “miscreants.”

Miscreants want you to believe that these practices, methods and ideologies are the activities and bedrock beliefs of highly educated and humanitarian folks. That in the name of “science” or “research” these teensy-tiny body parts are used only for the advancement and study of vaccines or severe disease cures. But, as we have seen over the years, and after the countless amount of dollars given toward such foundations as Susan G. Komen and ALS, these “cures” are never found. Begging the question, is it all for naught? And just all for money?

Lest I digress…

Take a quick walk with me down memory lane as we hear from the supreme leader of the miscreants himself, the president, while he was state senator in Illinois…

Here president Obama is debating and voting on state legislation that decides whether or not to allow a child who was intended for abortion, yet lived through the ordeal, a chance to survive now that it is out of the womb and in the fresh air. Hint: He voted no. Four times. That’s right. He voted that a live baby in the arms of a nurse or the abortion doctor should be discarded and left to die. Kermit Gosnell just snapped their necks to be quick about it. Miscreants would probably call that humane or putting him or her out of their misery. (All the while the same miscreants cry over the mistaken identity and death of a lion in a faraway continent. But I digress again…)


Americans call this type of murderous behavior an unconscionable evil. Miscreants call it “health care for the woman” and her “right to choose” to kill her own offspring. Even if some mothers have multiple abortions as their chosen birth control. No matter.

In the world of Orwellian doublespeak, “Planned Parenthood” sounds clean, responsible and altogether lovely, when in fact their real name should be “Planned Infanticide,” though that moniker would make it a little tougher for miscreants to steal American’s US tax dollars to the tune of half a billion per year. Your money, American’s hard earned dollars readily prop up the death business in this nation. And then they laugh at you about it.

If you have followed abortion news over the recent years you might be aware that the supreme leader of the miscreants has consistently supported the despicable procedure known as partial birth abortions. Let me explain what that procedure is in detail without all the window dressing:

  • An abortion-minded mother (she is always a mother, just of a dead baby now) gets induced by dear old “Dr. Kevorkian,” the abortionist
  • The baby is forcefully turned around in the womb (unless he or she is already naturally in the breach position)
  • The baby is partially delivered alive, even kicking and squirming, the whole body is brought out up to the head which remains inside the mother’s birth canal
  • At this point Dr. Kevorkian, aka, “the abortionist, punctures the base of the baby’s skull with a surgical instrument, such as a long surgical scissors or a pointed hollow metal tube called a trochar.  He then inserts a catheter (tube) into the wound, and removes the baby’s brain with a powerful suction machine.  This causes the skull to collapse, after which the abortionist completes the delivery of the now-dead baby.”
  • The baby goes limp, his or her head is crushed and deflated like a balloon and can then make the final trajectory outside of the mother’s womb.

For a more thorough run down of Obama’s positions on pro-death policies see here.

Currently, a California judge has issued a restraining order on the young pro-life group Center for Medical Progress to prohibit them from releasing any more videos. It seems like they may be holding on to quite the treasure and miscreants everywhere are freaking out. Their director intimated while on CNN earlier today that what may be revealed is the unthinkable: that Planned Parenthood may actually be performing partial birth or even fully live or post-birth abortions, another direct violation of federal law, not to mention such an act should rattle the souls of all of us, miscreants notwithstanding.

How far down the rabbit hole can we go?


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