This Bakery Defies the Anti-Confederate Flag Crowd, and Their Reason Why is AWESOME

Crumb & Get It is a family owned bakery located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. In light of the full-fledged assault against Southern heritage, with the demand for the banishment of the Confederate battle flag from society as well as plans to dig up graves or tear down statues of Confederate generals and soldiers, the business decision they made has angered the anti-Confederate battle flag crowd who have threatened their business and livelihood. But, they stand by their decision.

Speaking with Fox 5 News, Mike Sweeney, who owns the bakery along with his wife Sarah, spoke about why they made the decision to make a Confederate battle flag cake. His answer was quite simple. He made the cake because he was asked to. Sweeney said, “It was for us a business decision to do that. We had like a two minute conversation about it.”

But, Sweeney did not just make the cake. He put a picture of the cake on the bakeries Facebook page, and that’s when the little bakery was catapulted to the national stage with a range of responses from support to vicious attack.

On their post, they acknowledged the history that their area has when it comes to the Civil War, a history that the left and many on the right are attempting to erase.


The bakery owners made a statement on the post on their Facebook page to not only explain the reason why they made the cake, but also to defend it

The thing about this great Nation is that we all have opinions and are allowed to voice them. We can debate this all day long, at the end of the day…. The history behind this flag has made each and every one of us who we are today. What we are, is a Nation of great diversity. What we learned, from The Civil War, will carry on….always. This was not done out of hatred. We post many special orders, and will continue to do so. No, we will not do ISIS or Nazi cookie cakes, so don’t be ridiculous.

One poster asked if they would make a rainbow flag cake to celebrate the SCOTUS decision to redefine marriage. The bakery replied that they would.

Some angrily attacked the bakery for daring to agree to make the Confederate battle flag cake.

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Perhaps she didn’t realize that they did ‘just bake a cake.’

Mike Sweeney shared with his thoughts on the negative and hate-filled response they have received from some. He said, “This is a free country where we are allowed to have different opinions, and agree to disagree. What’s been most disappointing about this situation is we have had critics on social media make demands of us simply because we disagree, even threaten to sue us or protest our store.”

We are a small business and a family of six, and we’ve been serving the Fredericksburg community from day one,” he continued. “We find these strong-arm tactics very sad.”

But, the support the bakery received was overwhelmingly positive.

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There were two posts regarding the bakery’s decision to bake the cake and post the picture that more of those on the constant attack against others who disagree with their opinion should read.

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Screenshot 2015-07-10 at 3.39.20 PM

What a novel idea! If you don’t like the bakery owners’ personal beliefs, then just shop somewhere else. If only more people could be so open-minded in their thinking as they call for tolerance.

h/t: Daily Caller

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