This Latest Move Against Bill Clinton Could Spell Trouble for Hillary


There’s a dirty, little secret the left doesn’t want you to know, but Joy Behar let the cat out of the bag last week on ABC’s The View. Though they spout off accusations of a Republican ‘war on women,’ a tactic based on nothing but their own claims made out of political expediency to manipulate voters with lies, they are actually the ones who will gladly support a war on women by those who rape and sexually assault and abuse women as long as that person happily and fervently supports the murder of innocent babies in the womb via abortion, or supports any other of the far-left’s Godless agenda.

Behar said exactly that in defense of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Democrats send the exact same message when they enter protectionist mode when it comes to Slick Willy and his wife Nurse Ratchet, Hillary Clinton, who has always been complicit in covering for her philandering husband by helping to orchestrate a ‘nuts and sluts’ campaign in order to discredit and disparage her husband’s victims in what Hillary called a “bimbo eruption.”

Fast forward to 2016 and the world is watching the horrific story of Bill Cosby unfold. These two Bills have had similar allegations leveled against them. The only difference is that one is black and the other is white. Guess which one the left is rallying around to protect while they continue to defame and denigrate those who dare to call him out for his vile sexual attacks against women.

You guessed correctly. The white Bill…..Bill Clinton, the darling of the Democrat party who they place on a pedestal and revere.

The folks at Legal Insurrection not only called out the Democrat party for this double standard when it comes to a tale of two Bills, they have started a petition to remove Bill Clinton’s name from the Environmental Protection Agency building in Washington, DC. After all, Bill Cosby has had his name removed from things, has had honorary degrees revoked, has seen his hit television show, The Cosby Show, pulled from reruns, among other things.

Here is the petition.


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Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton continues to laugh off the war on women by her husband against his alleged sexual assault victims while the sycophants that support her, while simultaneously alleging a Republican war on women, clap and laugh in support of her.

The petition has reached nearly 100,000 signatures, which is the threshold set by the Obama regime that must be met in order for them to respond. Granted, as is typical, they don’t always adhere to even their own rules and regulations. After all, narcissists who view themselves as being above others don’t bother following petty rules and laws.

To sign the petition, go HERE.

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