This Meme Blasts Gun Control and Gun Free Zones in One Powerful Picture

Gun control zealots love to push the false and dangerous narrative that government regulation of the Second Amendment and infringement on the gun rights of law abiding citizens will somehow make America safer. The common-sense reality that they don’t want people to think about is the fact that criminals, and terrorists for that matter, by definition do not adhere to laws. . If they don’t adhere to laws, then they sure as heck won’t obey a sign posted outside a building or on a door that a place is a ‘gun free zone.’

In fact, 92-percent of all mass shootings since 2009 took place in gun free zones. The terrorist attack in San Bernardino, which the Obama regime still insists on referring to at times as an incidence of ‘gun violence,’ also took place in a gun free zone. Why? Because, again, terrorists and criminals don’t care about laws. And that brings us to a very simple, yet powerful meme.

The National Association for Gun Rights has a meme that is circulating on Facebook that powerfully calls out those who believe that gun free zones and gun control work. It’s also brilliant in the sense that it uses sheep, often used to depict blind followers, to make the point.

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Enough said.

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Jennifer Burke
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