Three Democrat Heavyweights Invade Arizona for Hillary

With the exception of Bill Clinton in 1996, Arizona has voted for the Republican presidential nominee every year since 1952. As a recent example, Mitt Romney handily beat Barack Obama by nine points in the 2012 election.

But in 2016, with bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, Arizona is in play for the Democrats and could be won by another Clinton — Hillary Clinton — considered easily the weakest and most corrupt Democrat nominee in decades.

Not only is the latest Arizona poll showing Clinton surging to a two-point lead over Trump, but more indicative that the state being is in play is that, as MSNBC reported on Monday, the Clinton campaign is throwing an additional $2 million into The Grand Canyon State and is sending three leading Democrats there to try to push her over the top.

Socialist Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s main competitor in the Democrat primary, will campaign for Clinton on Tuesday in two cities, Flagstaff and Tucson. Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton is scheduled to be in Tempe on Wednesday and First Lady Michelle Obama will be in Phoenix on Thursday.

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Donald Trump handily defeated Ted Cruz in the Arizona GOP primary and the state was seen as being solidly in the Trump column just weeks ago. Arizona has 11 electoral votes and the state swinging to Clinton would be a major victory for Democrats.

It should be noted that the above-mentioned Emerson poll was conducted before video footage surfaced showing Donald Trump cavalierly bragging about being able to commit sexual assault against women and getting away with it because of his celebrity status. Since then, 12 women have come forward alleging that Trump groped them in a manner similar to what Trump boasted about, including grabbing them “by the pussy.”

Republican Senator John McCain , who withdrew his support for Trump after the tapes release, is leading Democrat Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick by a whopping 16 points in his re-election bid.


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Matthew K. Burke
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