Three-Star General Disinvited From Army Prayer Breakfast Because of God-Hating, Anti-Christ Atheists

Highly decorated Lt. General William “Jerry” Boykin, retired, is a 36-year Army veteran, and longtime member of special operations. He is also a Christian conservative and sought after speaker who now serves as vice president of the pro-family Family Research Council.

Lt. Gen. Boykin, a retired three-star general, who was scheduled to speak at a prayer breakfast at Fort Riley (Kansas), “America’s Warfighting Center,” as part of the 1st Infantry Division’s “Victory Week,” has suddenly been abruptly disinvited after complaints from God-hating, anti-Christ atheist groups who want to eliminate Christianity in America, much like existed in the former Soviet Union, as well as Godless, communist regimes like North Korea.

Much like in 2012, when Lt. Gen. Boykin, a founding member and leader of Delta Force, was scheduled to speak at a West Point prayer but was forced to stand down following whining and gnashing of teeth from intolerant and hateful progressive leftists, described by the New York Times as “liberal veterans’ groups, civil liberties advocates and Muslim organizations, Boykin has been banned again because of different points of view possessed by the cultural Marxists at the Orwellian-named “Military Religious Freedom Foundation,” a Marxist front group, and their leader Mikey Weinstein, an anti-religious liberty crusader.

The Army Times reported on some of the views that Weinstein apparently thinks offends his false god of political correctness:

The day before, Military Religious Freedom Foundation founder Mikey Weinstein sent multiple emails to 1st ID commander Maj. Gen. Wayne Grigsby on behalf of his advocacy group, demanding the leader “immediately withdraw” Boykin’s invitation. Weinstein’s email included a report from another MRFF staffer on Boykin that brought up, among other issues:

  • The general’s statements while in uniform comparing the global war on terrorism to a holy war against Satan.
  • Widely reported remarks, also during his time in service, that he had confidence in an engagement with enemy forces led by a Somali warlord because “I knew my God was bigger than his.”
  • Statements made after his retirement claiming Islam is “not just a religion, it’s a totalitarian way of life” and should not receive protection under the First Amendment.

The Army Times further reports that all of the above views of Boykins were well known before the invite and that Boykin being disinvited isn’t enough for the intolerant Mikey Weinstein, who is insisting that those who invited Boykin must be punished.

Boykin was also part of Ted Cruz’s national security advisory team, which is probably another unpardonable sin, according to Mikey Weinstein, who is on the same side of the issue as CAIR, a radical Muslim Brotherhood front group.

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Matthew K. Burke
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