These Three Texas Men Showed their Support for Police in a Remarkable Way

Image: Montgomery County Police Reporter

On Friday, July 8, five police officers were murdered and seven injured by a Black Lives Matter supporter in Dallas while they were protecting people who were protesting at anti-police rally. The next night, a group of police officers in Houston were fired upon and the San Antonio police headquarters was attacked with gunfire as well. Fortunately, no one was hurt in those attacks.

In another part of Texas on Saturday, a group of men decided they were not going to let any harm come to police officers in their area. So, they gathered their legally owned guns and went to two different police stations to stand guard and send a message that they back the men and women in blue. They showed all the haters that Blue Lives Matter.

James Evans, Roger Tarrant, and Paul Wilson all live in Splendora, Texas. At 9 am local time, the drove down to the Patton Village Police Department to stand guard outside the building. The men stayed there until 11:30 then headed over to the Splendora Police Department to do the same thing.

With their AR-15 rifles in hand, they stood in the heat and gained quite a bit of attention. A large number of passersby honked their horns in approval, while others stopped for photos, selfies, and to personally thank them for what they were doing. James Evans stated that he, “wanted to show police that civilians stood by them, that they aren’t alone.”

“I am tired of seeing officers slain for doing their job,” he said. His message was heard by many, as citizens and local businesses began sending water and food for them to enjoy. “We had to put some of the food on the hood of our truck just so people would know that we were good,” joked Evans.

The actions of these men did not go unnoticed. At a time when police around the country are vilified as the enemy, it is both inspiring and refreshing to see people take a stand for them. The Splendora Police Department reassured people that the men were well trained in gun safety and were following the letter of the law.

The Montgomery Country Police Reporter ends their article with a message for everyone and a reminder for police. They say, “The citizens of Montgomery County support their officers.”

Resident Shaylie Wright reiterated that point. She adamantly said, “It’s awesome, what they are doing.”

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