Thug DISRESPECTS Female Officer… Then Her Partner Shows Up and EVERYTHING Changes…

Let’s be honest: not all police officers are good. They’re like everyone else and just like in any other profession, there are some who are ill-suited for the job.

However, the vast majority are dedicated civil servants who are looking to make their communities safer. So, if you believe that you’re being treated unfairly, feel free to respectfully protest and articulate that you’re being treated unfairly—but comply (so long as the request is even vaguely legal). There will be a time to address these concerns with officials later.

One young thug decided that while riding his bike down the sidewalk that he should not be bothered by police. When the female officer asked for his ID, the man flatly refused and tried to move around the officer. She repeatedly demanded his cooperation as the thug’s friend filmed the encounter, but the thug would have none of it. When the officer attempted to put the cuffs on him, the man refused to cooperate and resisted while yelling curse words and insults.

Finally, the officer’s backup arrived and the situation changed. The motorcycle officer pounced on the young man and subdued him. “Do you hear her talking to you? Do you hear her talking to you?” he repeated. Even though he was resisting and cursing, the officers handled him and knocked him on his butt.

The incident took place in Merced, California, and the alleged crime was riding on the sidewalk. As the crime was hardly a violation at all, had the thug complied and remained respectful, it’s likely that he would have been let-off with a warning and sent on his way.

Instead, he will likely face a charge centered on his resisting police and if they push it, the prosecutor might even be able to charge him with attempting to evade police as he tried to leave the scene multiple times in violation of the officer’s demands.

Of course, the black thug yelled and claimed that he should be immune from this kind of treatment because he’s black. He repeatedly asserted that he was being victimized by the police for being black.

For those who have seen the video, however, he wasn’t being “victimized.” He was being stopped for a violation.

And, more importantly, he wasn’t roughed-up because he was black; he was roughed-up because he was an asshole and would not comply.

Ironically, the video captured by the thug’s friend was likely meant to prove some sort of police misconduct. However, the video will likely serve as the strongest piece of evidence against the thug if it goes to trial.

As an aside, while the badge should be enough to compel compliance and respect, one cannot help but notice that this petite officer was thoroughly incapable of subduing the rather-small suspect. The only reason he remained in her presence while she awaited the arrival of backup seemed to be that he knew that fleeing the scene would make matters worse and that physically fighting-back against the female officer would have made things significantly worse.

This was a kid that was riding on the sidewalk. What chance would she have had if this was a 6’4” thug on PCP? What chance would she have had if this was a murder suspect who viewed being captured akin to a life sentence?

Of course, her size has no bearing on whether this young man should have complied or not. However, given her complete inability to restore order to the situation through coercion or physical restraint, this young female officer has absolutely no business being a police officer on the streets.

Call it sexist, but if the job requires a level of physical strength, this female officer just isn’t getting the job done.

Still, it was incredibly satisfying to see this thug get knocked down.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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