Thug Picks Wrong Elderly Couple to Carjack; Learns a Painful Lesson

A man attempting to carjack an elderly couple in a hotel parking lot in Sioux Falls, South Dakota got the surprise of his life and learned the hard way that he messed with the wrong 71-year old man.

The elderly couple was sitting in their car with the driver’s door partially cracked open. That’s when 34-year old Edward LeBlanc approached the car in an attempted carjacking. LeBlanc opened the door, then began hitting the elderly man in the head and demanding that he exit the vehicle. Little did he know that his victim, who is from Oklahoma, is a concealed carry permit holder, had his gun, and wasn’t afraid to use it.

The driver pulled out his .38 caliber handgun and shot LeBlanc two times.

LeBlanc was found near a local McDonalds and taken to the hospital. He will likely face robbery and simple assault charges upon his release.

Sioux Falls Police Officer Sam Clemens spoke with a local news about reciprocity laws given the fact that the intended victim is from another state but was carrying a gun with a concealed carry permit.

“There’s some type of reciprocity so if you’re issued a concealed weapons permit in another state, as long as there’s that agreement between the states, then you’re allowed to carry concealed in a different state.”

He added, “In this case it certainly worked out well for the victim. He was able to defend himself and his property. He wasn’t trying to chase after the guy or do anything other than just try to stop that beating from happening.”

h/t The Blaze


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