Thugs Beat Up White Man as Others Shouted: ‘You Voted Trump? Beat his A**’ [VIDEO]

These people have lost their damn minds! THIS is how you send a message that you disagree with someone’s politics? As a black woman I will say that you are an embarrassment to black people everywhere and to humanity.

I’m not sure exactly where this occurred, but that point is irrelevant. You can tell it happened during this election season based on what the violent thugs are saying.

The left claims that there is no such thing as voter intimidation yet you can clearly hear people yelling as they are filming black guys beating up a white guy. You can hear them shout the following and cheer on these criminals.

“You voted Trump? You voted Trump? Beat his ass! Yeah!!! Don’t vote Trump! Don’t vote Trump!”

And Trump supporters are the ones who have been deemed by the leftstream media to be violent?

I don’t want one single liberal to lecture me about hate when this is happening by leftists and thousands of people are protesting against Trump’s “hate” by hanging and burning him in effigy, threatening to kill those who don’t oppose Trump and those who disagree with illegal immigration, and putting the beatdown on people they disagree with politically.

Beyond the fact that people are filming this beating, often two and three against one, while laughing, this happened in the middle of an intersection. Cars passed by and no one stopped to help this poor man.

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What the heck is wrong with people? I don’t care if you are “mad.” Our response to what angers us is what separates as humans from animals. This is not acceptable. This attack on a Trump supporter by leftists is not an isolated incident. This behavior should be condemned by Barack Obama and the Democrat Party immediately.

WATCH these thugs commit a disgusting act of voter intimidation by beating up a Trump supporter.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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