Tim Kaine Hits Trump: Even Ethically Challenged Richard Nixon Released His Tax Returns

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s VP running mate Tim Kaine , took a shot at Republican nominee Donald Trump on Saturday over the bloviating billionaire’s refusal to release his tax returns.

Speaking in New Hampshire on Saturday, Kaine noted that even Richard Nixon, a Republican president who resigned in disgrace over the Watergate scandal in order to avoid impeachment, made his tax records public.

“Now he was not known for the most elevated ethical standards,” Kaine said to a giddy audience, “but even Richard Nixon released his tax returns to the public when he was running for president, because he said […] ‘The American public has a right to see my tax returns. They should see what my financial status is, they should see who I have connections with, they should see if I’m paying the taxes that support our veterans, that support our military, that support our social services.'”

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Every presidential nominee since and including Nixon have released their returns, however, Trump has repeatedly said he would not, using the excuse that he is “under audit” and that somehow that would keep him from repeating the custom.

However, the IRS has said that there is no legal basis for Trump’s refusal and speaking of Richard Nixon, he was reportedly under audit when he made his tax returns public.

Meanwhile, Trump’s refusal to make the returns public makes it look as though he’s hiding something, a narrative that Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most corrupt and evasive Democrat presidential candidate in American history, has been happily hammering home on the campaign trail.

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On Friday, both Hillary and Tim Kaine released recent tax returns, putting further pressure on Trump to release his.

Watch below via ABC News:

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